Twentytwentyone eShop Design Picks

Splurge Twentytwentyone E-shop

1 // Bamboo mirrors from £110
2 // Anglepoise lamp by Paul Smith £149
3 // Stig backpack by Sandqvist £95

Earlier this week I blogged about my visit to the gorgeous showroom of London design studio Twentytwentyone and promised to share a few personal favourites shortly. I hope you’ll enjoy the selection of design picks I made, which I separated for you between splurges (above) and budget buys (below).

Remember that if you’d like, you can visit their brick and mortar store at 274-275 Upper Street in Angel, open every day. Alternatively, have a peek at their e-shop, on which you’ll find a great selection of furniture pieces, lighting, home accessories for the kitchen, bathroom, office, outdoors, electronics, art and stationery.

Be warned that it’s very easy to get carried away with the bookmarking and the pinning; it’s a good looking e-shop after all, and I’m very partial to good-looking things. I’m sure you are too.

On the other hand, it may be an opportunity to sort out some of those stylish Christmas gifts in advance. At least, this is what I tell myself even though so far I really just want to get things for our own flat. Anyway, I love the following items – how about you? Tell me if something grabs you and I may tip off your Secret Santa.

Note: If you’re reading this Rob, this does not apply to you because by December we should really be saving for a trip to Japan next year. You can get all my love and affection for Christmas (just kidding!).

Twentytwentyone E-shop Budget Buys 1

1 // Endangered Species by Present and Correct £17.50
2 // Envelope Opener by Singgih Kartono £13
3 // Mug by Maija Louekari £16

Twentytwentyone E-shop Budget Buys 2

1 // Kaleido Trays by Clara von Zweigbergk from £11
2 // Magnetic pencil by Phillippe Ferreux £3
3 // Tumblers by Falcon Enamelware from £5

Twentytwentyone E-shop Budget Buys 3

1 // Hexagon pots by Ferm Living from £32
2 // Crushed bowls by JDS Architects from £35
3 // Plisse archive folder by Hay Studio from £20

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September 30, 2014

Love the bamboo mirrors and I am big fan of Anglepoise!!

October 7, 2014

love those trays!

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