A Touch of Colour for Fall

Fall is here! It’s my favourite season of the year, which comes with layering, hot chocolate, crisp walks on weekend mornings and an all-around switch to cosiness. This September has been so crazy at work for me, I’ve done a lot of overtime as deadlines piled on top of each other, and if I’m honest I know this next month is probably going to be the same. I will be focused on pushing through the next four weeks and saving time whenever I can to take proper breaks for rest and taking care of myself. Then of course, November is going to be there quickly and I have something very exciting planned that month, which I’ll share with you in my next post – stay tuned!

As the mornings get darker and it gets a little harder to get out of bed, I can see a switch in my wardrobe choices to a more minimal aesthetic. This is because my sleepy self, solely powered by the cup of coffee I have gulped down before jumping in the shower, tends to grab turtleneck jerseys, knit jumpers, and comfy leggings from my drawers, all in a palette of greys and blacks. Those are great for office-wear, of course, but if you leave work to go meet a friend for evening drinks, or have any social engagements, it’s not always the best choice. I think you know what I mean: the moment when you walk into a room full of well-dressed people and feel a touch plain? Not the best feeling.

A good compromise I’ve found last year is to curate a nice collection of colourful accessories which help comfortable but perhaps slightly boring outfits pop. This way you get the best of both world: cosiness in the daytime and a touch of fantasy for any social dos you have planned on the same day. And friends, it really works!

To demonstrate this principle, I’ve taken some of the best minimal Fall/Winter looks pinned to my Style Inspiration Pinterest board and paired each of them with a duo of colourful picks: statement earrings from some of my favourite independent makers and gorgeous leather handbags from British accessories label Radley. I hope you will like these and be inspired to try this style hack for yourself. Let’s have a look:

A touch of colour for Fall: Outfit Inspiration



Red Hardwick Body Bag by Radley (£104)

Leather Hand Earrings by Benu Made (£24)



Shamrock Green Hardwick Cross Body Bag by Radley (£104)

Mint Triangle and Circle Earrings by Mica Peet (£15)



Orange Millbank Cross Body Bag by Radley (£89)

Vermillion Hoop Earrings by Epuu (£30)



Tan Paternoster Cross Body Bag by Radley (£169)

Saffron Wallpaper Earrings by Wolf + Moon (£60)



Ruby Paternoster Cross Body Bag by Radley (£169)

Exclusive Vogue 100 Studs by Patricia Nicolas (£39)



Daffodil Taplow Cross Body Bag by Radley (£109)

Yellow Half Moon Studs by Sailor et Irma (£51)

Nice pairings, don’t you think?

I’d like to know: do you tend to go for a more minimal wardrobe as the days get shorter? Do you see this style trick work for you and would feel confident to use a touch of colour to spice up the palette of your Fall/Winter looks?

If some of these pairings catch your eye, let me know, and you might be tempted by the Radley mid-season sale, which currently offers 30% off most of the leather handbags I included in this post. My favourite model is the Pasternoster cross body bag, I think it’s a gorgeous piece! Stay in touch with the brand for a daily dose of fashion inspiration, they’re on social media on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.


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