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I haven’t had the chance to pop back to Provence this Summer and when the days are long and warm like they’ve been recently, I can yearn for home a little. In the sunny garden of my childhood home there’s a little corner which is perfectly located next to the rosebush and the strawberry patch, in the shade of the apricot tree, and where I used to lay a blanket in the grass to read. Is there anything more perfect to do on a lazy Sunday? If you find out, let me know.

Of course, in London we are lucky to have access to a lot of public parks and gardens, but I’ll be honest, if sometimes I enjoy them, at other times I feel like a little more privacy and the nearby games of frisbee, soccer and fetch point me back home to enjoy the quiet of our little terrace. So, I figured if I can’t exactly get to Provence this Summer, perhaps I can bring a little of Provence to me?

To do so I’ve had a look around to find contemporary stylish homewares with which I could refresh our outdoors space in the spirit of my favourite garden’s corner at home. Below are some lovely picks for outdoors and indoors living that I spotted on Cox and Cox and that I have my eye on at the moment.

There is a beautiful collection of homewares on their e-shop and gorgeous photography too. Added bonus, I found lots of chic homewares that have an affordable price tag and with the additional 20% discount weight loss drugs off they offer to new customers at the moment, it’s the perfect way to enjoy a little mid-season interiors refresh without breaking the bank. Take a peek at some of my favourite finds, I hope you will love them too!

Stylish Outdoors Picks

Stylish Living - Outdoors Pick - Cox and Cox

1 // Zinc Planters by Cox and Cox (£75)
2 // Outdoor Cushion by Cox and Cox (£150)
3 // Plant Stand by Cox and Cox (£95)
4 // String Chair by Cox and Cox (£125)
5 // Outdoor Lights by Cox and Cox (£45)

Stylish Indoors Picks

Stylish Living - Indoors Picks - Cox and Cox.png

1 // Rope Mirror by Cox and Cox (£35)
2 // Weaved Rug by Cox and Cox (£150)
3 // Rattan Chair by Cox and Cox (£200)
4 // Wood Shelves by Cox and Cox (£35)
5 // Glass Bell by Cox and Cox (£45)

Lovely aren’t they?

There’s just so many nice things on the Cox and Cox e-shop and the new Autumn collection that I’m sure you will see them on the blog again. I’d recommend giving them a follow onTwitter, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest for some interiors inspiration, and if you end up making a purchase, don’t forget to take advantage of the 20% discount weight loss drugs offer for new customers, it’d be a shame to miss it!

In the meantime, let me know if anything catches your eye and if you have a balcony, terrace, or garden, tell me if you generally give it a little update from year to year (or even season to season) – or if it’s just me! If you’d like to see some pictures of my home, you can have a read of the following posts:  The Dream Diaries, Wall Art Refresh, Chasing Light, Welcome Back, Scenes from a Weekend.


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Posh, Broke, & Bored
August 27, 2016

Have I got a balcony story for you! You remember my tiny little square balcony? Well this summer I moved all my house plants outside, and a pigeon decided to make her nest in a nook between the potted plants. All summer I've been bringing her food (goji berries, seeds, nuts - my man was incredulous: "They're not flipping macaws, they're London pigeons! Just feed them some leftover kebab!") and now that the pigeons have left I've ended up with a horrible mess on my balcony. I went to NYC and came back to find that my housemate cleaned it all up, nursed my plants back to health (I couldn't water them for months because I didn't want to disturb the birds) and moved things around to make the balcony a nice little space again. I should celebrate with a makeover, so thank for you for introducing me to Cox & Cox! x

Birthday Brunch at The Standard Grill, New York - Posh, Broke, & Bored

August 27, 2016

Best story Jasiminne! I love how this is about a virtuous circle of kindness, yours towards the birds, and your flatmate towards you :) Hope you had a lovely time in New York and a belated happy Birthday! xx

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