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Power of Summer

Every summer without fail, my inbox lights up from May to September with posts alluringly titled “Top 10 London Rooftops” “Lidos of London” and other “London Open Air Cinemas”. That’s all kinds of awesome because I get excited about my Summer plans waaaay in advance.

Less awesome of course, is the fact that London rarely decides that it is indeed Summer before July is well underway. And then you know, we all take to Twitter to complain of how humid and hot it is. Don’t lie, I know you do it too. Well today, I’d like you to get to Twitter to brag instead.

Bragging about having a great time is my official recommendation to counteract the hot weather and you can do so at one of the most original venues that London has to offer, bringing you not only outdoor lounging and boozing but also an open air cinema courtesy of Everyman Cinemas, a street food market courtesy of StreetFeast and a great selection of fun workshops by The Indytute.

What am I talking about? Power of Summer at Battersea Power Station! And believe me, it has everything you might want to indulge in on a glorious summer evening and then some more. I’ve just been and had a really great time; it was a Tuesday too so that ought to count for something.

Here is a little photo-diary of the event including a picture of my friend Sara who writes at Hello The Mushroom. Just hop on down below for a little more info.

Power of Summer 2

Power 3

Power of

Power of Summer 5

Power of 6

Power of Summer 7

Power of Summer 8

Power of Summer 18

Power of Summer 9

Power of Summer 10

Power of Summer 11

Power of Summer 12

Power of Summer 13

Power of Summer 14

Power of Summer 15

Power of Summer 16

Power of Summer 17

Power of Summer 19

That girl can work the metallic trend, can’t she?

So, film-wise you can have a peek at the selection here but you could be partial to Reservoir Dogs tonight, The Graduate on July 28th, The Life Aquatic on July 31st, Moon on August 1st, Manhattan on August 3rd, The Darjeeling Limited on August 6th, Pulp Fiction on August 8th, and Lost in Translation on August 11th.

I’d also recommend bringing some cash to eat all the food. Le Bun, DogTown and You Doughnut made me a seriously happy lady and I know you will love them too.

Finally workshop-wise, Indytute are throwing a cocktail masterclass this Sunday 27th and a chocolate alchemist workshop on August 3rd as well as tons of other fun things so just have a peek at the schedule on their website.

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Amanda @ Rhyme & Ribbons
July 24, 2014

Yum. I definitely would want to try all the food! x

July 24, 2014

It's good! And I hear that they have specials on rotation too so didn't get a chance to try everything like the Mac & Cheese stall.

July 28, 2014

That burger looks so good! x

July 30, 2014

It was pretty yum! I'm consistently amazed by the wealth and quality of the street-food that London has to offer!

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