London Gifts: Raising the Game

London Gifts, Raising the Game - Read on Hecticophilia

I guess I’m a fridge magnet kind of gal. Not sure if you’ll think that’s totally cheesy, but I’ll disclose that our fridge door is a pretty elaborate collage of design postcards and mementos from Lisbon, Rovinj, Provence, Margate, and the travels that have punctuated our life the last couple years. They catch my eye when I fumble for the almond milk in the fridge at seven in the morning, and that always lifts my mood!

I love finding original souvenirs when I’m visiting somewhere and Rob and I pride ourselves on bringing back things that are unique or handmade by local creatives. So I have to say, every time family and friends visit us and I see their hands outstretch to the scarlet plastic made-in-China Big Ben towers or the unapologetically bland Drink Tea and Carry On mugs, I stop them before the irreparable is committed and take them to Magma or Crafty Fox.

If you know exactly what I mean and haven’t heard about We Built This City yet, then you will thank me later. A lovingly curated pop-up shop featuring over 200 talented artists including some exclusive commissions, this is the ambitious business project of Alice Mayor who has made it her mission to spread the word – and work – of UK designers and creatives. Some of the ones I loved and that you should definitely check out include Rude London, Sylvia Moritz, Lucie Sheridan, Paul Thurlby, Will Clarke, and Blank Inside.

We Built This City - Hecticophilia

We Built This City 3 - Hecticophilia

We Built This City 2 - Hecticophilia

Can we also talk about the arresting shop front adorned by Camille Walala‘s playful summer geometrics? Because this is what stopped Rob and I on a rare stroll through Carnaby Street and we spent a good hour marvelling over the quality and variety of the city-inspired goods showcased.

From art to homewares, textiles, clothing, and paper goods, believe me when I say there is something for every taste and for every budget in there. This is the kind of venture that’s really raising the game for London gifts and that I wish was there all year round.

We Built This City - Hecticophilia 6

We Built This City 4 - Hecticophilia

We Built This City 6 - Hecticophilia

We Built This City 5 - Hecticophilia

I really think you will love We Built This City, so do plan a visit!
But be quick, it’s only open until the end of the month.

We Built This City | @w_b_t_c
Open everyday from 10am (11am on Sundays)
Most evenings until 7pm, 9pm on Thursdays
56-57 Carnaby Street, London, W1F 9QF

Have you heard about this pop-up shop? Did you visit already?

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August 18, 2015

I popped into that shop about a month ago and loved it - so many great gifts for tourists, or great things to decorate your home with if you're a londoner! Loved all the pigeon related items around the shop too haha.

Oh and on the fridge magnets? My parents have a huuuge american fridge completely covered in magnets from places we've all been to. I love it!

August 18, 2015

Hi Hannah, thank you for taking the time to comment! So glad I know a fellow fridge-magnet household, glad it's not just me :) It really is an amazing shop, I hope they make it permanently. The pigeon-related items were great, I believe some of them were from Garudio Studiage - definitely worth checking them out.

August 18, 2015

This is amazing - keep coming back to that table and scheming how I can have something like that in my house

August 18, 2015

Catherine you have a good eye! I have a massive crush on that table too, and come to think of it, the way the entire shop is laid out is a celebration of all that's exciting with interiors at the moment. The collections of frames, bold colours and patterns on every surface while keeping the space airy and light... Stepping into this place is equivalent to soaking up inspiration before even getting close up to each individual piece. Thank you kindly for commenting!

Posh, Broke, & Bored
August 18, 2015

Those Elizabeth cushions - are they Grayson Perry?! No? DON'T CARE, WANT THEM ANYWAY. This shop is gorgeous and SUCH a design-lover's dream, it's a shame it's just a pop-up. STAY! LONDON NEEDS YOU. Thank you for blogging about We Built This City, I'm going to try and make it after work on Thursday (I'm leaving for Russia on Sunday and that'll be my last chance to catch this amazing pop up shop!) x

Jasiminne | Posh, Broke, & Bored

August 18, 2015

Should I even say I'm not surprised you spotted those cushions right away Jasiminne? Ah ah. Totally agree with you of course, this shop is a treasure trove for design lovers, you must pop by before you leave. Also seriously, Russia? Can't wait to follow your adventures on Instagram. Thank you for commenting, x

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