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Hate Mail

Ok, so I get ashamed of myself thinking about all the snippets of blog posts that are accumulating everywhere around in neat little piles: on my desk at work, on my desk at home, on my phone, on my iPad and on my effing grocery tickets.

Thing is, you can’t really expect that a blog which proudly displays the word “hectic” in its title will be where to find the best thought-out and written articles of the blogosphere. I do set standards for myself though and that’s basically the problem: nothing ever gets done. So, kick in the dust. 500 words, let’s go.

Today I want to talk about an awesome London illustrator, you could say it’s one from the vault but I don’t care if you’ve heard about him already, maybe you need to take another look as his work is just too good. Fan girl act, I know but I swear you will love him too, if you can take a joke that is.

Mr Bingo. I can’t remember how I first came across him online, probably someone re-tweeting the card they got from him or something. Yes, cards now that’s Mr Bingo’s forte. Here is the idea: it used to be that you would send him some ££ and he would post you an old original cringe postcard (right in the vein of Shit London) with a little note and drawing to tell you – well – to go fuck yourself.

“On 25th April 2011 I sent a postcard to a stranger called Jonathan Hopkins. It said on it “F*ck you Jonathan, f*ck you and f*ck your sh*t legs”. … To date, I’ve sent over 700 Hate Mails to happy (I think) customers and the project has been exhibited in London and Amsterdam.”

It’s called Hate Mail and believe me it’s hilarious. The postcards spread like wildfire and Bingo exhibited here and there. There’s a book too, the boy got it for me last year and it’s a highly enjoyable read. See for yourself, some of my favourites:

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I wonder if Mr Bingo knew that I took pictures of his book and put them on the Internet (copyright?) he probably would tell me to go fuck myself. Hopefully so on a postcard.

Also I’m such an idiot, I actually saw mr Bingo speak last year at Hackney House for Poke’s Creative Day and he was just… something. And I was too shy to go say hi. Fangirl again.

His talk had nothing to do with the themes of the day (of course not), instead he talked about serial killers (?) and then showed series of pictures from his Instagram. Things he snapped in the streets of London because he found them poetic. One before/after stuck with me, it was this homeless man sleeping in the street and then someone (mr bingo?) had drawn a bed, bedside table and little lamp around him in white chalk. Warms and sinks your heart at the same time.

Which tends to make me think that in spite of making his living out of being offensive, Mr Bingo he’s actually a really sweet kind of guy:

As a designer and illustrator, Hate Mail is far from being his only successful project. Here are some other of his artworks, all equally poetic and witty:

For the Camden Brewery

For the The Young Director Award / The Amy Winehouse foundation

And finally, to close this blog post in style, one for all the artists, freelancers and bloggers out there, trying hard to make a dollar in this urban jungle. It’s called “Does Mr Bingo work for free?” That’s all for tonight, thank you.

Does Mr Bingo work for free?

Does Mr Bingo work for free?

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