Desk Space Design Picks by CrowdyHouse

I’ve wanted to write about CrowdyHouse for the longest time so I’m excited to share today’s post with you! With my promise to hunt down some stylish and affordable design picks for my new desk space at work recently, I don’t think there’s going to be a better occasion, so let me introduce you to one of my favourite e-shops at the moment.

An Amsterdam-based online marketplace for designers and makers, both new and established, CrowdyHouse is a a boutique destination, which I discovered a little earlier this year. They state their mission as “to democratise the design industry by helping makers sell directly to design fans all over the world,” and if you ask me, I’d say they’re succeeding. With a beautifully curated website, strong branding and photography throughout, they have put on my radar a number of interesting European designers that I had not come across previously.

If like me, you’ve been on the lookout for stylish picks to update your desk space, they’ve got us covered:

Desk Space Design Picks

Desk Space Design Picks from Crowdy House on Hecticophilia

1 // Hexagon Poster by Studio Lilesadi (£20)
2 // Lov Pillow by Fest Amsterdam (£36)
3 // Magnets Set by Corroom (£19)
4 // Metal Paperclips by Fundamental Berlin (£9)
5 // Dots Fibre Bag by Kami.Design (£14)


Desk Space Design Picks from Crowdy House on Hecticophilia 2

1 // Wall planter by Oitenta (£34)
2 // Cork Clock by Puik Art (£40)
3 // Document Tray by Innocenti Studio (£46)
4 // Recycled Fibre Bag Kami.Design (£8)
5 // Wooden Card Holder by Hurlu (£16)


Desk Space Design Picks from Crowdy House on Hecticophilia 3

1 // Concrete Lamp by Jakub Velinsky (£45)
2 // Linen Bag by Phileas Handmade £24
3 // Scandi Stool by Projekt Drewno (£50)
4 // Reycled Box by Kami.Design (£20)
5 // Candleholder by Isabel Quiroga (£31)

Gorgeous little things, no?

I can’t help it if I’m such an interiors nerd, I genuinely believe that a nicer office space will make me more focused and creative. If you justify shopping for new homewares with that rationale too, high five. Obviously, I don’t think I can pass the selection above as work expenses, but at least, I think you’ll agree they’re definitely on the affordable side.

I hope you’ll enjoy CrowdyHouse as much as I do and one extra tip for you: if you’re time poor, their newsletter is always full of lovely picks around a specific theme so I’d recommend signing up. Otherwise you can follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest for some design inspiration.


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