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Read - 15 Designs discovered in The Window on Hecticophilia.com

Just this week in a meeting, someone asked me something interesting: to tell them more about my readership. I realised I have never done a survey on this blog before because the site has grown organically and I’ve been lucky that most of you are quite vocal about the features that you’ve liked, how my photography has improved over the months, and what you’d like to see more of on Hecticophilia.

Actually, this is as good a time as any to say that I’m really grateful for your comments, whether they’re after blog posts or on social media (Twitter and Instagram mainly). I love that some of you take the time to email in to say hello, ask a question, or even share things you’ve discovered recently that you think I would enjoy too (exhibitions, restaurants, e-shops etc.). It’s a nice reminder that I’m not writing into a void on this little corner of the internet and it keeps me excited to come back and publish content regularly.

But let’s go back to the question “who are my readers” for now – are you curious? Well, over a year or so of writing this blog, I’d like to think that I’ve gained a good understanding of what you guys enjoy around these parts. I can see it in the posts that are the most popular and that you come back to, what you share with your followers, and the outbound links that you click on when you hop from the blog to somewhere else.

My analytics tell me that most of you are based in the UK, with the majority of you being young professionals between 20 and 35, and that two out of three of you are women. Generally, you’re interested in discovering creative and original things, you respond to craftsmanship and beautiful objects, however, you’re mindful of your budget and that’s something I’ve been taking into account in my features.

From the keywords you type in to find me, I know that you come here first and foremost to be inspired: by design, interesting experiences and things to do, food, culture, and interiors. Some of the requests you’ve sent in lately include seeing more of Rob on the blog (I’ve asked him for a regular Design, Style or Tech roundup) and for me to share some practical city guides and weekend trips from London, so that’s in the cards in the future!

Today I’m writing about a site that has gotten me quite excited lately and that I think you will enjoy. It’s called In The Window. If I turn the tables and tell you about what catches my attention as a reader of any blog or magazine, it always comes down to one thing: being privy to the story behind an object or project.

More than just being inspired by something beautiful, I love finding out how things came about, what is the process of creatives and designers, what makes them tick, and how they’ve gone about giving shape and form to their vision. Does that excite you too? Then read on.

What can you find on In The Window?

A whole lot of inspiration. Designers, architects, and a great variety of interior brands (textiles, lighting, furniture, jewellery) curating “windows” of their work and sharing their insights and processes in the same visual space as the highlights from their collections. It makes for a very immersive experience and it’s a highly engaging way to interact with beautiful photographs, objects, and the makers behind them.

Why is it interesting?

In The Window takes storytelling and design and brings them together, allowing you to wander from one window to the next, led only by what’s catching your eye. It also takes after social networks: like on Pinterest, you can curate your own labels with photos you’ve found striking or want to come back to and products you’ve discovered and love. Like on Twitter, you can follow or interact with other users so that there is a whole community of design enthusiasts and professionals at your fingertips.

Some discoveries I made

I’m pretty sure this is the first time I discover so many new new designers I love in one sitting behind my laptop! I’ve written before about my obsession with Etsy but you do need to have a good idea of what you’re looking for, you rarely just stumble upon a gem on the marketplace. You also know how I love Pinterest but I find that searches can get heavily influenced by the algorithm of popular pins and users you follow, so that some of the content you have seen previously finds its way back to your feed again and again.

By comparison, while I was browsing In The Window, I felt like I was stumbling upon new designers and beautiful objects one after the other – and quite effortlessly too. So I do recommend you take a look! In the meantime, below is a pretty exhaustive selection of what’s caught my eye on the site this week, and believe me it was hard to discard so many of the products I added to my curated lists. I hope you’ll enjoy!

Read - 5 Beautiful Design Pieces I discovered on In The Window

1 // Light & Water Print by HJEM
2 // Plumen Light by Plumen
3 // Ombro Table by StudioLav
4// Type 75 Light by Anglepoise
5 // Flame by Northern Lighting

Read - 5 Gorgeous Design Pieces I discovered on In The Window

1 // Armchair by Fernanda Brunoro
2 // Pendant Light by Sarah Colson
3 // Cushion by Zara Victoria
4// Lamp by Position Collective
5 // Coffee Table by Rededition

Read - 5 Lovely Design Pieces I discovered on In The Window

1 // Canvas by Above and Beyond
2 // Table by Shine by S.H.O
3 // Tea Towel by HJEM
4// Loom Stool by H Furniture
5 // Wallpaper by Ella Doran

Beautiful no? Now please tell me:

Where do you go to find original and interesting pieces for your home? Is there a blog, site, social feed or even a live event that you particularly enjoy? Who introduces you to new designers? Are you loyal to some shops that you always go back to and trust to store things that you will like? Tell me more in the comments below.

Cover Image: Archer + Co on In The Window – – > here.

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Posh, Broke, & Bored
June 20, 2015

I think my first comment didn't go through, so here goes (again):

Believe it or not Jesse, YOU'RE my go-to resource for finding design related news and purchases! Your jungle print post is what inspired me to get palm print cushion covers, which then gave me the idea to change ALL my cushion covers to tropical and floral print, THEN your Homebase balcony makeover post inspired me to fill my balcony with potted plants. Keep doing what you do - your blog always inspires me to up my decor and design game!

On another note, how do I get more in-depth analytics on my audience? I have a good idea of who they are, but I want to know even more about them! x

Jasiminne / Posh, Broke, & Bored - Luxury lifestyle blog

June 21, 2015

Jasiminne, that's such a nice comment and it's great to hear! Thank you. Regarding analytics, I would definitely recommend having a look at all the Google Analytics tutorials you can find online to set up reports regarding your most read contents, outbound links, inbound links etc - there's a wealth of information you can find about your audience.

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