Winter Wardrobe: Meet Olive Clothing

Or really I could have titled this post “Wardrobe, meet Olive Clothing because you’re going to see a whole lot of each other from now on”. Just kidding! I owe a big thank you to Mel who introduced the brand to me in an Instagram conversation and led to a huge crush from me on their gorgeous knitwear and simple but well-cut pieces that are perfect for a winter capsule wardrobe. And the colour palette, can we talk about the colour palette? Soft greys, rust, green, powder pink, there is a delicacy about this brand that comes across right from the web page.

Basically, as soon as I opened the site I was smitten with everything and I’ll be honest, in preparation for this post I have pinned, oh let’s see, about seventy different garments! I just couldn’t decide on what I liked the best. I don’t know what you call this, but I’m pretty sure it’s addiction. I’ve been trying to find out why and I think it’s this sort of Harvard in the 70s meets British country bumpkin vibe going on here that just pulled me right in. Then of course I made the additional mistake of following them on Instagram, thus subjecting myself to a regular dose of darling flat lay outfit suggestions popping up in my feed. Maybe not the smartest move?

Olive Clothing - Winter Capsule Wardrobe on Hecticophilia 2

I mean, seriously, someone please hide my wallet.

Rob is often joking with me that I love clothing and accessories a little too much well personally, I blame it all on my grandma. On Wednesdays when we were off school, we would head to her flat in the old town and she would have my sister and I sit down with the new season’s catalogues (in France it was Les 3 Suisses, La Redoute, Daxon) to occupy yourselves. Where my sister (who’s always been the sensible one it should be said) would quickly move on to other occupations, like you know, her homework, I would show due diligence and carefully inspect each each page, circling garments I liked and taking the final selection to my grandma to debate my fantasy shopping list.

I guess where I’m going with this rambling monologue is: beware parents everywhere, this is how you make addicts of your kids. Yes it’s all fun and games and they will keep quiet and busy in the background for now… but just wait until they get a disposable income that will be so easily spent on beautiful things.

Anyway, as usual I am referring to you to help me choose. Realistically I can probably pick up one dress and one jumper from the below this month, so I’d love for you to have a look and tell me what you think.

Cosy Knitwear Picks

Let’s start with a soft palette of knitwear basic pieces because those are always great to throw on a pair of comfy leggings or well-cut jeans and with a nice shade of lipstick on like berry or coral, you’re pretty much all set. They’re lifesavers on cold weekday mornings where one is rushing from the bed to the shower to the door under twenty minutes (don’t look at me like that, it’s very French to be fashionably late).

Cosy Knitwear Picks from Olive Clothing on Hecticophilia

1 // Grey Knit Jumper (£75)
2 // Mohair Olive Jumper *Sold out
3 // Grey Knit Jumper (£65)
4 // Wine Knit Jumper (£69)
5 // Cream Knit Jumper (£85)

Retro Look Picks

I also loved the pieces below which are a darling nod to perhaps more vintage looks. I think the dresses would look super cute with nice tights, a pair of brogues and a chunky wool scarf. That wine dress is really gorgeous, it almost looks like linen no? And the pinafore dress, I mean it’s just adorable – not easy to pull off for everyone (I’m not sure whether I could) – but if you can, then you definitely should.

Retro Look Picks from Olive Clothing on Hecticophilia

1 // Polka Dot Dress (£65)
2 // Corduroy Pinafore Dress *Sold out
3 // Wine Midi Dress *Sold out
4 // Check Soft Pink Shirt (£45)
5 // Floral Corduroy Dress (£62)

Graphic Details Picks

Finally I kept some more original picks for the end with the pieces below which cleverly play with colours, shapes and patterns. It’s always good to have a few quality statement pieces in your wardrobe that will wake up and energise some other garments that you don’t love as much or wear very often. And if you’re sporting quite neutral outerwear, like a classic trench coat then they will be the perfect companion.

Graphic Details Picks from Olive Clothing on Hecticophilia

1 // Angora Triangle Jumper (£55)
2 // Colour Mix Knit Jumper *Sold out
3 // Contrast Sleeves Jumper *Sold out
4 // Brushstrokes Wine Dress (£79)
5 // Mixed colourblock Dress (£79)


I hope you liked my favourite picks from Olive Clothing and do let me know which jumper and dress you like the best. I really need some help in choosing on this one so I’m counting on your input!



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November 6, 2015

My bank balance is only going to get worse now... Thank you for introducing me though (I think!)

November 6, 2015

You're most welcome Hannah ;)

Honey @ The Girl Next Shore
November 20, 2015

I'm going to say Jumper 1, Retro look 1, and Graphic look 5.

Please hide my wallet, too Jesse!

Honey x The Girl Next Shore

November 20, 2015

Well someone has obvious good taste! Hope you're well Honey and thank you for taking the time to comment! x

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