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How was your weekend friends, any fun Valentine’s Day plans?

Rob and I had a much needed lie-in on Saturday morning and once we were up, we roasted some fresh coffee beans and I caught up with some reading. For me, The Forecast by Monocle and a fun little series by Robin Stevens I just discovered, called Murder Most Unladylike. Then we hopped on the bus to Exmouth Market and had brunch at Caravan. So many delicious options there, I went for the Ricotta Buckwheat Pancakes with passionfruit curd and hazelnuts and Rob opted for the ham hock hash, poached eggs, honey and peas. I really recommend Caravan if you haven’t been before, they have some original flavour combinations and the coffee is excellent. We strolled through Clerkenwell and Covent Garden and had a little wander around the design shops before heading back to the flat around 6pm.

On Sunday morning it was surprisingly beautiful outside so we paid a visit to the Newport Street Gallery and saw the ‘Power Station Paintings’ exhibition. It got me thinking that since we’re spending a little more time indoors at the moment, perhaps it makes sense to give the flat a little refresh? I don’t know about you but I rely on switching things around a lot to curb my constant yearning for change, whether that’s furniture, homeware or art prints. I find that getting playful with wall decor in particular is a great and easy way to change the feel of a room, especially if, like me, you live in rented accommodation.

In our case, we have a lot of prints and wallpaper samples that have been collected over the years from independent designers, events, things we get in the mail etc., and we keep them rolled up neatly in the wardrobe so that when the fancy takes us, we can get them out and change things around a little. As you know, I really love graphic details, colours and typography and I think that updating your wall art is a great and inexpensive way to have some fun with your interiors and bring more personality to your living space with a minimum of effort.

Wall Art Refresh with SwitchArt on Hecticophilia 3

See the picture above? Same sideboard but two very different looks.

Of course, some of our wall art is pretty DIY and if you’ve seen my pictures of our bedroom you will have noticed that I don’t feel obliged to frame every single thing. Some of the prints we have are not a standard size and so when I put them up I always get a little creative with inexpensive washi tape found on Etsy or at Paperchase for instance. It comes in plenty of colours, textures and patterns and it’s an easy way to experiment. A nicely hung frame will work wonders to bring some sophistication to any room of your home though and I’ve pinned lots of wall art to my Home board on Pinterest so if you’re looking for some inspiration do have a look.

The prints I’m featuring on the blog today are from Art.co.uk and I love them.

With a huge curated library of art reproductions, contemporary and hand-painted originals, photographs and limited editions, they provide high-quality prints to art giants including MOMA and the British Museum so you can expect top-notch service from them. The two pieces I styled for the blog are from their SwitchArt collection – it’s actually a magnetic frame which comes with interchangeable prints of your choice – you can either buy a set or have your own prints created and delivered. I think it’s a great and innovative idea. Look, I made a little GIF to show you how it works:

Wall Art Refresh - SwitchArt GIF on Hecticophilia

Pretty fun, no? What I also really like about Art.co.uk is that you can browse the prints you like, including the different sizes they are available in, in an actual photograph of a room. It makes it much easier to visualise how it will look in your home. It’s an online order safety net of sorts – no surprises when you open that parcel!

I’ve rounded up some of my favourite Abstract prints from the SwitchArt collection below – they all come at £45 for two interchangeable prints and a magnetic frame, which I think is a great price point. If you fancy picking up something from the site, have a little browse today for some of your favourite artists – they have a 40% off offer across most wall art. I saw the voucher code on the homepage this morning and rushed to write this post at lunchtime, it’s only available until tomorrow. You can follow Art.co.uk on Twitter @artdotcom and Facebook to keep an eye on new releases.

My Favourite Wall Art Abstract Picks

Wall Art Favourite Picks from SwitchArt

1 // Abstract Stripe Theme in Red and Orange by SwitchArt (£45)
2 // Black Circle and Suprematist Composition by SwitchArt (£45)
3 // Suprematist Composition and Landscape by SwitchArt (£45)
4 // Black Cross and Abstract Torso by SwitchArt (£45)
5 // Painterly Architectonics and Stage Set Design by SwitchArt (£45)

Do you like any of my picks?


Let me know if something catches your eye! I’m wrapping up today’s post with one quick home decor tip: a small arty postcard picked up in a shop, museum bookstore or even music venue will make for really nice wall art and cost you very little. Displayed in a medium-sized white frame it won’t look out of place and might be the perfect companion to some of your larger framed art so keep your eyes open during your weekend wanders.

This is what I mean, and have on our sideboard at the moment:

Wall Art Refresh with SwitchArt on Hecticophilia 2

If you’d like to see more pictures of my home, you can check the following posts: Chasing Light, Urban Terrace Makeover, Welcome Back, The Dream Diaries, Scenes from a Weekend.


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