Valentine’s Weekend Getaway Wishlist

There is a line in the sand separating people who don’t want to hear a thing about Valentine’s Day and those who see it as a nice occasion to spoil your significant other, isn’t it? “It’s commercial” the first might say, “I don’t need a special day to take care of him/her”. Of course I understand but personally, I think that when you have been in a relationship for a few years, especially if you have kids or a demanding career, it’s likely you will grab with both hands any opportunity to indulge in some old-fashioned romance, and there should be nothing wrong with that.

People and friends around me would definitely tell you that I am quite the romantic – I love coming up with little surprises and attentions for Rob throughout the year, and so does he. I really believe that Valentine’s Day doesn’t need to summon tacky cards, roses or dinner in an overpriced restaurant in your mind. Like everything else, you can make it pretty much what you like, it’s all up to you.

I have friends who are very good at keeping the spark alive: they will go on little dates through the week, meeting after work to try a hip new cocktail bar, doing something out of their comfort zone like an art or a sports class together, booking tickets for interesting talks… There is so much to do on any given evening in London, like plays and gigs and late museums and galleries opening; we are pretty spoiled. If you are a little proactive and take a look at listings online, you will never come up short of ideas for fun and romantic dates.

This March, Rob and I will have been together for 4 years, how time flies! I’m not ashamed to say it: I couldn’t be happier, and if there really is such a thing as the honeymoon period, I’m still very much in it. I think part of it has to do with the fact that we balance each other out: he is the chill to my crazy. But also we make it a point to be honest with each other, deal with any problems arising head on instead of letting things escalate, never play games out of insecurity or boredom, and support each other in all of our ambitions and challenges. We celebrate each other’s successes and don’t get competitive with each other, and finally, we jump at any chance to break the routine.

You will know this already from reading the blog but something that we love to do is planning little weekend getaways as often as we can. It’s so nice to get out of London and recharge your batteries, and you start enjoying the trip from the moment you research and book it because it’s something to look forward to. We’ve explored the Kent coast (Margate, Broadstairs, Ramsgate), the Cotswolds, Liverpool, Manchester and Wales so far, and have more destinations on our list this year like Bristol this mid-February and Edinburgh later in the year.

I also want to add that those weekend trips need not break the bank: we have a Two Together railcard which set us back about £30 for the year and gives us 30% off train tickets, a sizeable discount if you travel off peak (all weekend trains friends!). We tend to book just one night in a little bed and breakfast or inn and keep an eye out for deals – let me know if you want me to share any tips on the subject. Anyway! I would recommend thinking about a Weekend Getaway if you can, whether it’s for Valentine’s Day or not – it’s a really great way to hit pause, to reconnect, and to do something fun and unexpected together somewhere you’ve not been before.

Today I’m sharing with you two gift guides {for him} and {for her} that I curated in collaboration with Debenhams. I hope you’ll enjoy those picks and that you’ll get some inspiration if you’re looking to get a stylish present for your significant other this February. Hop on to have a look and let me know which ones catch your eye!

Valentine’s Weekend Getaway Gifts for Her

Valentine's Weekend Getaway Wishlist for Her

1 // Fedora by Joe Browns (£35)
2 // Sleeveless Jacket by Miss Selfridge (£25)
3 // Gloves  by Isotoner (£10)
4 // Watch by Komono (£70)
5 // Handbag by Jasper Conran (£135)
6 // Shea Butter Bath by L’Occitane (£20)
7 // Candle by Bayliss & Harding (£10)
8 // Eye Palette by Illamasqua (£34)
9 // Riding boots by Roberto Vianni (£99)
10 // Truffles by Charbonnel & Walker (£16)

Valentine’s Weekend Getaway Gifts for Him

Valentine's Weekend Getaway Wishlist for Him

1 // Headphones by Marley (£20)
2 // Plaid Shirt by Land’s End (£70)
3 // Gloves by Jack & Jones (£8)
4 // Wallet by Burton (£20)
5 // Belt by Hammond & Co (£30)
6 // Watch by Komono (£80)
7 // Holdall by John Rocha (£155)
8 // Truffles by Charbonnel & Walker (£11)
9 // Lace up boots by Base London (£80)
10 // Massage Oil by Rituals (£13)


What do you think, any favourites?


I’d love to know if you’re planning something special this Valentine’s Day or if you have a getaway on the horizon this Spring. Also, what are the interesting things you do with your partner to keep the romance alive, especially in long relationships? Please take a minute to comment and share your tips below, it’s always great to read your insights and I love to hear what you think and what you’ve been up to.


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February 14, 2016

I absolutely love your picks, Jesse! Those boots and the Illamasqua palette in particular are really tempting!

Erin xxxx

February 15, 2016

Thank you for the kind comment Erin and glad you liked my picks! I definitely have my eye on these boots - great price point too xx

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