Portrait of an Urban Girl


Portrait of an Urban Girl

I’ve been good recently and uploaded all the pictures dwelling on my mobile gallery to my laptop, in monthly folders no less. I didn’t want to let all the random daily snaps I take accumulate out of sight (out of mind) and I’ve enjoyed rediscovering them on a bigger screen. I’ve been playing with a new photo app too, VSCOCAM which came recommended by Emma and that I’m enjoying a lot.

Basically it makes loads of editing options at your disposal and its filters don’t flatten your image as much so that it looks a bit cleaner. I think it’s going to help me grow my Instagram, which I seem to never post on more than once or twice a week. Perhaps that’s because I’m not at that stage yet where I have the “automatism” to share things as I’m enjoying them. But maybe that is a good thing or I would never put my phone down, you know.

Today’s post is a bit of a first for me as I don’t usually share outfits here or on social media but this morning, something slightly funny happened and I thought it’d be an interesting topic to comment on. Do you ever find out that your love for the existing contents of your closet is rekindled every time you buy new things? Come on, don’t tell me it’s just me.

What I mean is: that that old grey jersey mini-skirt you haven’t worn in over three months suddenly looks good with that long necklace you just bought and that those striped tops that have sort of lost their shape after too many washes actually look pretty nice in your new high-waisted pants. Really it’s like all these unloved, un-cared for pieces of clothing are inspired into new life and I just want to wear them again. I don’t find it easy to describe what my style is, but if I look at my closet I guess I wear pretty urban clothing.


I’ve found out that I genuinely get excited again about all my old things and the endless combinations that seem possible to me when I open my closet doors with a hot cup of coffee in the morning just because I have a couple of new items to pair them with. I  don’t know, maybe it sounds really silly but it just sparks something and I get inspired about mixing and matching again.


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June 2, 2014

It makes a lot of sense. I myself keep buying new things because of that. ooops!

June 3, 2014

Happy to hear it's not just me! I guess the interesting question is: why do we lose all interest for some of our clothes when they get a bit old? And how come we find that interest back while the pieces themselves haven't changed? Maybe, dressing up has more to do with creativity than with utilitarianism :)

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