Unicorn Theatre, Southwark

Unicorn Theatre, Southwark

Although I moved to South London last April, I think it’s fair to say I didn’t know the area very well outside of Brixton and Peckham. But that’s sort of nice as I’m discovering new things constantly around our neighbourhood from Lambeth to Borough, Bermondsey, Camberwell and Dulwich and this is basically my default activity when the sun graces us on a Saturday morning or when I have a little case of cabin fever: leave the flat camera in hand and walk straight in one direction, with the confident knowledge that I’m going to stumble on something, somewhere or someone interesting. (Generally, I do too).

If you don’t live in Southwark, have kids or work in theatre and the arts, I would say there is a fair chance that you haven’t heard of the Unicorn Theatre, and that’s why I thought I should post about it. I first visited in September to catch the puppetry and live animation show Something Very Far Away and I’ve been back regularly since. There is something special about this venue which plays with the inside/outside; there is a lot of light, a lot of space, a lot of sounds. You can grab a hot drink and piece of cake from the cafe for practically nothing and sink into an armchair with a book for hours, lulled by the intricate imaginary games that little kids are playing in the foyer.

They have a really great program and it’s not just for kids too: this February I’m looking forward to The Caucasian Chalk Circle and 50 Dangerous Things (you should let your children do). If you’re a creative or just a curious mind, they also organise things like backstage tours, producers’ showcase events and storytelling workshops so I hope you’ll feel like visiting, I’ve grown very fond of this place and I think you’d be surprised at how moved you can be sitting in on a show for young audiences.

As usual, here is a little photo-diary:

Unicorn Theatre, Southwark 2

Unicorn Theatre, Southwark 3

Unicorn Theatre, Southwark 4

Unicorn Theatre, Southwark 5

Unicorn Theatre, Southwark 6

Unicorn Theatre, Southwark 7

Unicorn Theatre, Southwark 8Unicorn Theatre, Southwark 9

Unicorn Theatre, Southwark 10

Unicorn Theatre, Southwark 11

Unicorn Theatre, Southwark 12

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February 2, 2015

Ohhh your photos are as lovely as ever and made me fall in love with Southwark - I'm now thinking maybe the hipsters are right when they say South London is THE place to be. If I move to South London I'll blame your lovely blog and your wonderful photos ;) x
Jasiminne | Posh, Broke, & Bored

February 2, 2015

Thank you for the kind words Jasiminne, and I promise that it's true: there are so many little gems in South London, you just let me know if you need recommendations, especially for creative studios etc! I hear you left yours :)

February 3, 2015

I used to live south of the river, in Stockwell, and I loved it. There is so much to do around there and the area is rich in diversity - I used to hate when people got nosebleeds coming South! There is a really lovely pub in Stockwell that you should check out... The Canton Arms. Its so good, especially on a cold weekend!

February 3, 2015

Thank you for the recommendation Laura, I will definitely check it out and I totally get what you mean with the nosebleeds! I think as more cool things keep popping up South, it's easier to drag friends over - this summer for instance I invited a good number friends to nights out at Frank's in Peckham (at the top of the car park, with a great view of the City), and everyone really loved it.

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