The Tucked Away Teahouse

The Tucked Away Teahouse - Teahouse Theatre Vauxhall London

Life has been a bit of a whirlwind lately (in a good way) and I’ve been thinking a lot about what I love, where I want to take those interests and how best to get there. I don’t think life generally waits for you to be ready and prepared to throw things at you but that it’s pretty much always worth it jumping off the cliff. There are very few things worth doing that won’t intimidate you a little bit at first and I guess you have to trust that if you approach things with enthusiasm, hard-work and dedication then mostly good things will ensue.

I’ve been in a somewhat contemplative mood lately, but that’s not unlike me at this time of year. Maybe it’s the leaves falling or the pipes in my old Georgian building creaking or the automated habit to think about the year ahead in September instead of in January. Do you do that too?

So lately I’ve been catching up with all those articles bookmarked over the summer, falling down the rabbit-hole of Instagram and connecting with super talented folks in France, Belgium and Canada whose photos make me smile and travel and are a real inspiration, and chatting with friends about exciting ambitious projects.

There’s this old colourful Victorian teahouse just by the Vauxhall pleasure gardens, filled floor to ceiling with old furniture, knick-knacks and books piling up in the hearths of the fireplaces, which is always busy with chatter and the smell of delicious baking. It’s a wonderful place where your teapot comes in a woollen suit, your cake slice is big enough for two bellies and the board games you grab from the library are invariably missing a piece.

I love to get there early on weekend mornings to lose myself in some reading, tune into people’s conversations (don’t judge, it’s for Overheard) and tuck into a super comforting welsh rarebit or soldier eggs. They have delicious-looking cakes displayed on every table and the brownies and pecan pie are to die for. Some pictures:

Tea House Theatre Vauxhall 1

Tea House Theatre Vauxhall 2

Tea House Theatre Vauxhall 3

Tea House Theatre Vauxhall 4

Tea House Theatre Vauxhall 5

Tea House Theatre Vauxhall 6

Tea House Theatre Vauxhall 8

Tea House Theatre Vauxhall 7

Tea House Theatre Vauxhall 9

Tea House Theatre Vauxhall 11

Tea House Theatre Vauxhall 12

Tea House Theatre Vauxhall 10

Tea House Theatre Vauxhall 13

I love this place, it’s cosy and lively and there’s an old man waltzing in at random hours to play some kind of zither on a little amp. He has a pretty mighty beard. They organise a variety of community activities like a knit club, a film club, a debate club, some jazz and swing gig nights and as its name suggests, some plays.

This Friday evening and tomorrow Saturday, they are showing Morbid Curiosities based on Poe, Dickens and other macabre masters – if you have no plans, you should go.

Visit: The Tea House Theatre, 139 Vauxhall Walk, London SE11 5HL.
Frequently open 8am to 8pm, later when they have events on in the evening.

Q: What is your favourite cafe or tearoom? Where do you go to relax? Help me expand my shortlist!

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October 3, 2014

I never really go out for cake or tea.. maybe I should start doing so! I've been in the same kind of mood recently, planning the future, trying to work out what I want to do and how to get there - exciting and terrifying all at once!

Have a lovely weekend,
Rosie x

October 3, 2014

Thank you for your lovely comment and you really should Rosie! I think it's always nice to switch environments and sometimes just that gives me a new perspective on things. Good luck with your own pondering and if I can say, talking things out (with myself) as well as writing and doodling helps me visualize outcomes, projects etc. Jesse x

October 3, 2014

This place looks amazing and your photos are beautiful! It's definitely a contemplative time of year x

October 3, 2014

Thank you for the kind comment Sarah! Glad I'm not the only one :) Jesse x

October 6, 2014

What a delightful looking place! I am noting it down for when next I find myself in the area. Thank you for telling us about it.

October 6, 2014

It really is! Thank you for the kind comment Yasumi, and if you are in the area don't hesitate to give me a shout! I'm exploring Dulwich and Peckham this month.

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