Timeless Homewares: The Future Kept

How often do you come across a shop and love every single piece they’re showcasing? If you’re as picky as me, not very often. I love beautiful objects, timeless homewares which strike a balance between originality and craftsmanship and as an online shopper, a great site design, aspirational aesthetic, and easy checkout experience will always impress me favourably. If that’s your case too, I think you will love today’s post. I wanted to let you in on one of my favourite online destinations at the moment: The Future Kept, have you heard of them before?

Launched a year and a half ago by the East Sussex based creative couple Jeska and Dean, The Future Kept, as its name suggests, is a British e-shop with a commitment to source “beautiful and useful items for life and the home that are made with love, thoughtfulness and detail […] that are created by people with a passion for what they do, and a care for the future of the world we live in.”

One glance at the site and I think you’ll see they’re keeping true to their word. This is one of the most carefully-curated e-shops I’ve visited in a while. Everything from the branding to the product descriptions and the photography is spot on. The user experience is seamless: you can browse pieces by country of origin or thematic (made by hand, eco-friendly, for a good cause) and if I’m honest, I often catch myself flipping through the original photography on each individual product page like I would through a magazine or Pinterest board. Yes, it’s that pretty. If it sounds like I’m exaggerating, just take a peek at their Instagram feed, which is worth celebrating in its own right.

Meet The Future Kept - Jeska Hearne (2)

The pieces that Jeska and Dean have thoughtfully handpicked from independent designers, makers, and artisans have an ethical and sustainable provenance, a minimal style, and the quality of heirlooms. They’re the sort of objects you will keep and cherish for a long time, that will help make your home both cosy and tasteful. It was also a nice surprise to find out that they donate a percentage of their profits each year to a different charity, and seek feedback from their customers on the projects and causes that matter to them.

The Future Kept is the perfect place to find a gift for a thoughtful friend who loves original homewares, accessories, and beauty products, but cares about the provenance of what he or she owns. In fact, I wish I had shared this post before Mother’s Day as it would probably have been a little more helpful but oh well! I thought about it this week because I’ve been browsing online a little more as Rob and I are celebrating four years together and I’ve been looking for something special to mark the occasion. Here are some of my personal favourites at the moment.

I hope you will enjoy the following!

Timeless Homewares: Home Picks

Timeless Homewares from The Future Kept on Hecticophilia - Home Picks

1 // British Made Wool Cabin Blanket (£49)
2 // Hand Poured Citronella Candle (£20)
3 // Uashmama Metallic Small Paper Bag (£6)
4 // Ethical Ceylon Chai Tea (£8)
5 // Mountain Ceramic Coffee Dripper (£35)


Timeless Homewares: Style Picks

Timeless Homewares from The Future Kept on Hecticophilia - Beauty Picks

1 // Uashmama Washable Grey Lunch Bag (£39)
2 // Skin Wild Juniper Balm (£13)
3 // Arches Carry All Tote Bag (£65)
4 // Moroccan Rose Bath Salts (£8)
5 // Hecate Lip Paint (£22)


Lovely finds, don’t you think?


Let me know if you had heard or shopped from The Future Kept before and if any of the pieces above catch your eye. Is there any online shop you have discovered recently that you’d recommend as another destination to shop for a thoughtful gift? With the awful weather we’ve been having recently in London, I’m pretty sure I can convince him we absolutely need a well-made woollen throw to retreat under during our daily watching of The Good Wife, and I’ll admit it that shiny lunch bag is also calling to me very, very loudly right now.


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