Holidays: Summer Dresses under £30

Every year it’s the exact same thing and for the life of me, I cannot help it.
I always, always, always leave it until the very last minute to pack.

Also, I leave it until the last minute to shop! Maybe that sounds a tad dramatic but, for me, going on a holiday is sort of like going back to school on that first week of September. Were you that kid who took genuine pleasure in picking a new notebook, backpack, pencil case, and in laying out your outfit with minute precision the day before? I was. Yet somehow, somewhere along the way I’ve lost that habit and you can be sure that from one holiday to the next, knowing full well that I need a new swimsuit, pair of shorts, or sunglasses, I’m going to wait until the last moment possible to dive into the depths of my wardrobe, pull out things at random, ransack drawers, and lament that I’m missing some bare essentials for the trip. That’s what I do. You would think I know better.

Something else I’m very bad at: planning for the summer sale. Christmas? That’s easy, I generally have some gift money begging to be spent and to be honest, I’m so careful in the lead-up to December in preparation for the gift season to come and the necessary travel tickets to hop to the continent and visit family, that I usually have savings waiting obediently on my account. Now summer, that’s a different story. By the time July rolls around, I’ve made it a point to catch up with friends every weekend (drinks, dinner, you name it), I’ve convinced (erm, coerced) Rob into some short getaways and so, when the leather suitcase is pulled out and placed on my bed, I go straight from adding up the summer essentials I’m missing to the realisation I have a pretty frugal budget left to get them.

That’s why today, in the spirit of the sisterhood of late-packers, I thought I would share some pretty lovely numbers I found on the Asos sale and that you can get your hands on for less than £30. Now now, you’re welcome. Be quick though, at time of posting they are all available but at those prices, I doubt they stay in stock very long.

Minimal Summer Dresses under £30

Because, who doesn’t like some sharp black and white?
It’s easy to wear, works for any occasion and it just looks fresh.

Summer Dresses under £30 on Asos by Hecticophilia - Minimal

1 // Dress with tie waist (£20)
2 // Color block Dress (£19.50)
3 // Bardot Dress (£15)
4// Bodycon Dress (£16)
5 // Belted Dress (£15)

Summer Accessories under £30

You know me, I like my patterns and my textures.
Not a surprise that those caught my eye!

Summer Accessories under £30 on Asos by Hecticophilia

1 // Belted Swimsuit (£30)
2 // Contrast Clutch (£15)
3 // Parrot Swimsuit (£16)
4// Lace up Sandals (£25)
5 // Strap Sandals (£14)

Chic Summer Dresses under £30

This year is the year of wedding mania! With five on the books (three actually attending), it’s the first time I have to think about wedding guest appropriate outfits. If I’m honest, I’m still unsure what to wear. Rob of course, got a dashing suit forever ago. I quite like Number 2 below, what do you think?

Summer Dresses under £30 on Asos by Hecticophilia - Romantic

1 // Open Back Dress (£32)
2 // Bandeau Dress (£27.50)
3 // Sequin Dress (£13.50)
4// Ruched Dress (£22.50)
5 // Floral Dress (£25)

Your turn: did you shop in the summer sale? Do you have anything specific left to buy? Are you attending a wedding this summer and what on earth are you wearing? I would love some help, so please don’t hesitate to let me know in the comment section below.

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