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In my dream, the little girl stands at the entrance of the labyrinth and she is losing her patience a little. “Do you want the map or not?” she asks, waving the sealed enveloped in my face, or as close as her small size allows her to reach. “If I have the map, doesn’t it defeat the purpose of the game?” I ask, arching my brow. She sighs.“Suit yourself” she says, and steps aside to reveal a stony arch eaten up by foliage and convoluted decorations. I raise my arm and switch the torch on to light up as best I can the path in front of me. “Wish me luck” I say, but she has turned around already, no longer listening, and is calling out the next in line. I take a deep breath and I step inside.

The Dream Diaries, Soak and Sleep 3

Dreams are, in their own way, the only map we have to our subconscious lives. The thoughts bubbling up below the surface, the repressed emotions. They are the manifestation of our fears, yearnings and desires, things we are trying to process and make sense of. I’ve always had a vivid imagination and most nights when I go to sleep, I sink into this labyrinthine kingdom where fragments of memories from the days just past morph into each other in a kaleidoscopic fashion. As I have found out, if you let your dreams speak to you, they will tell you a lot.

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This is why I’d recommend to anyone who feels a little bit lost in their awake lives to start a ritual: as soon as you wake up, before you let those thoughts of the day ahead and its meter-long to-do list creep into your brain and clog it, take a moment to be at peace in this transient state between sleep and wakefulness and try to hold on to your dreams. If you empty your mind and just let your thoughts float, you will become skilled at capturing those visions and I think it’s something really enjoyable to do, to ponder their meaning, not necessarily with the help of any book but just for yourself: why was I doing this? what does that place make me think of? what could this be a metaphor for in my life?

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I know that dreams get a bad reputation but in the right frame of mind, you will never feel like a night full of dreams is a night where you have not rested enough. If rest is important to you, make sure you are sleeping in a comfortable cocoon of excellent quality sheets and remember to stay off screen for half an hour (at least) before bedtime. Don’t skimp on removing your make-up or taking a shower, brew yourself a cup of herbal tea like Chamomile or Valerian and pick up a book. We lead pretty hectic lives, so my bedroom is and always will be a sanctuary for me.

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I’ve been chasing the winter light all week to shoot this series for you with the help of the kind folks at Soak & Sleep; I hope you will have enjoyed reading! There are a few more pictures below but I wanted to say that if you’re looking for outstanding quality bedding, I recommend taking a browse at their product range, which is luckily 20% off at the moment just in time for Christmas. I am sharing some of my favourites with you now so don’t hesitate to hop on over.

My Favourite Soak and Sleep Picks

Favourites from Soak and Sleep on Hecticophilia

1 // Classic Quilted Bedspread (£57)
2 // Luxury Hammam Towel (£10)
3 // Moss Stitch Cotton Throw (£45)
4 // Silk Pyjamas Set (£39)
5 // Double Picot Bed Linen/a> (£51)


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Do you remember the last dream you’ve had? Have you thought about what it could mean? Do you like the idea of keeping a dream diary?

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Posh, Broke, & Bored
December 7, 2015

I love my dreams. They're either surreal, out of this world scenarios (which I can remember the majority of even long after I wake) or everyday scenes in which I solve problems that are nagging at me (including writing blogs posts and devising story lines - my writer's block thanks you, subconscious mind!) I wrote my thesis on the correlation between Freud's theory of dreams and art (spoiler: they're both necessary catharsis for perverts and creatives). I'm loving this editorial and the words that go with it, the photos especially make me want to have a lazy day, and oh how deliciously inviting is that grey bedspread?! x

Jasiminne: Posh, Broke, & Bored

December 7, 2015

Hi Jasiminne, thank you for your kind words and taking the time to comment. That thesis sounds mighty interesting and I'd love to hear more about that if it's available online - do let me know. A lazy day is always good, especially when it feels quite cold and dreary outside - at least we don't feel too guilty about having quiet mornings inside on the weekends! Maybe it's just me, but I don't remember what life was like before I had a gorgeous and cosy bedspread ah ah x

December 7, 2015

What lovely fresh bedroom space, Jesse!
I dream quite a lot but ever since I put my new bedding on, my dreams have mostly been weird, frightening, angry and violent and I awaken with the duvet off the bed. Watching horror movies a lot doesn't help, I suppose. I'm beginning to think my bed linen is possessed and infiltrating my dreams. Either that or it's too hot for double duvet!

December 7, 2015

Ah ah, I definitely don't think horror movies help but what can you do? I love them too! Maybe you are too warm while you're sleeping, do you keep your heating on at night? You could try turning it off an hour before bed and airing your bedroom (I know it sounds crazy) for 10 minutes before you go to bed so there's some fresh air and oxygen in the room, it will still feel cosy under your duvet xx

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