Secret Cinema: how to lose yourself


Secret Cinema

This Easter Sunday, I was lucky to be a guest at the new installment of Secret Cinema along with fellow bloggers Sarah from The Prosecco Diaries and Jamina from Gingle Lists Everything who are also part of the Nuffnang community. I assume you’ve heard of Secret Cinema before (if not you’re definitely missing out); it’s one of the most exciting things you can do on a night out in London and I’ve wanted to go for ages. Well how was it? It was unexpected, it was impressive and I had some great fun.

These last seven years, the creative minds at work behind the organisation have pushed the boundaries of film and conjured out of thin air experiential worlds with sets you can enter, explore and touch, actors and fellow film-goers you can interact with and narratives you can actually influence before the screening of a secret film of their choice. Pretty cool, no? They’ve been going from strength to strength and they’re making quite the riot.

Move to Beaumont

Let’s get the obvious part out of the way, I am not going to tell you what the film was, let’s not forget the event’s Twitter hashtag is #tellnoone. What I will tell you is that you should really go, that it’s cinema meets theater meets make your own adventure; that you can expect an evening filled with excitement and wonder and a great occasion to slip out of your own skin and put on someone else’s outfit, voice and character.

Because really, Secret Cinema is not so much about going to the movies and much more so about celebrating our enduring love for film. Most of all perhaps, it’s about escapism and escape I did, I mean, just look at our dapper selves:

Secret Cinema

So this Sunday I slipped into the skin of Judie Deines. A more poised, guarded and astute version of myself. For the night, I was just another doll trying to make a life for herself in a corrupt and dangerous 1920s town. There were capers and double-crossings, electoral-fiddling, arguments at gun-point and jumping from buildings. It was all very dangerous and hotsy-totsy. From cats in hats and glamorous shebas to hard-boiled coppers and gracious dames, there was something (and someone) for everyone. Let me tell you, a vintage look  must do wonders on men, because I thought pretty much every guy in there was hella good-looking.


If you plan to go (and you should), I’d definitely recommend having your glad rags on. Better look swanky if you want to get in the Pharaoh and swing with all the other night owls. What a juice joint! It’s the kind of place where with the right swagger and the right jack, there’s nothing you can’t get your hands on.

Beaumont Owls

I could have been a right moll, but decency kept me from partaking in (too many) dubious activities. I would also recommend bringing some cash as there are some treacherous cocktails to try on and bits and bobs you can snack on during your journey. I tried a little number with gin and lime on the night that I’m still thinking about. Looking for it desperately online but of course, I forgot half the ingredients, oh well! Anyway, money-wise, you can always go to the bank, but when I did… let’s say I’m not the most lucky gal. And it was Election night! I mean, no rest for the wicked. Gangsters, politicians? You decide.

Election night

Seriously all in all, I had a grand time so I want to say Secret Cinema: Well Done.If you’re interested in moving to Beaumont, you can get tickets here, there are just a few more shows in May! I’ll definitely be back for another era, another movie and this time I won’t be shy.

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