In a State of Flux

It’s Sunday morning 8am and I woke up effortlessly early for the first time in weeks. The sun is out and it’s warm on the terrace so I made myself a cup of tea and I’m sitting there quietly for a while while Rob is sleeping, just listening to the birds and the city waking up. It’s nice to slow down finally because these last two weeks since I’ve started working at the design studio have been a bit of a whirlwind. How have you been, are you enjoying the slow onset of Spring?

Here in London it’s still a little hit and miss: so far warm days have been few and far between, and all of them on weekdays when people are stuck at work, which is a special kind of British weather torture. I’m only kidding but hopefully you know what I mean, it can be a little frustrating. I’ve tried to beat these circumstances by taking a full hour at lunch and going out to eat in the sun.

Anyway this morning, with the couple of hours I’m stealing from my usual weekend lie-in, I thought I’d ought to pop by the blog and give you a little update on what’s been happening behind the scenes. I haven’t been very regular with monthly roundups but it’s such a nice way to take stock. Let’s catch up!


Let’s address the obvious: I disappeared a little from online life with this new job. I didn’t mean to but I guess I should have expected that it would take over for a while. I miss the community of course, writing but also reading others, commenting on friends’ posts, and replying to emails. My inbox has grown into a big pile of two hundred emails that are waiting to be opened, oops! Friends that usually just tweet me have had to look for my phone number and text me instead so I think it’s official, we can say I’ve been slightly how off the social grid. That said…


… I just celebrated my first month at the design studio and with four weeks under my belt, I feel that I’m starting to settle down there. It’s been a whirlwind, as it often is when you start somewhere new, but I really like it there. It’s a completely different world and it’s challenging too, but the team is really nice, my co-workers are very creative, come from all around the world, and I’m learning a lot about typography and translating a brand identity visually. Walking to work in 30 minutes every morning has been a pleasure too.


Not a lot to report on this front, except that Rob and I are getting a little bored with the current layout of our kitchen and living room. We’ve been playing switcheroo with our furniture but without much success so far. It’s not easy because we have two slanted walls and two straight walls, a kitchen bar we can’t move and our sofa is quite big. I love hosting family and friends and having a comfortable bed for them to sleep on but on the other hand, the selfish part of me wants to get rid of the Friheten, and get a smaller two-seater. I would also like to swap our desk and small dining table for a bigger dining table and two benches I think. I probably need to have a look around and we can pick this conversation again more productively.


At the moment, most London explorations have been relegated to the weekend and if I’m honest, have perhaps lacked a little originality as I haven’t been able to spend much time looking for new openings and interesting things to do. We’ve either been hanging out in our favourite South London spots (Kennington, Bankside, Brixton, Herne Hill), or hopping across the river but not pushing much more North than Covent Garden and Soho. We can probably do better on that front as I claim back some headspace on weekday evenings to plan adventures a little more.


I’m pining for a holiday as the weather is warming up and I’m kicking myself for not taking advantage of what I didn’t know would be my “only” two weeks freelancing from April 4th to 17th. Can you believe I was actually complaining I had nothing to do? It seems pretty funny now. More seriously, I owe Rob a getaway as we couldn’t head anywhere for his birthday and the last time we properly travelled was… Menorca in October, so that was a while ago. We did go to France over the Christmas break but a trip home doesn’t really count, does it?

Ideally I’d love to fit in a week somewhere in July and a long weekend in August. Let me know if you have any recommendations. We also had the idea to do a longer trip this year to celebrate our 30th (Rob in April, me in November) and we were thinking of Japan but I heard that Fall might not be the best time to visit, so I’m considering other options like Vietnam, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Argentina, Cuba, and California – let me know if you’ve travelled to any of these destinations? I’m grateful for any tips.


There’s been some Spring shopping recently as it’s unexpectedly warm in my new office so I’ve been on the hunt for staple tops and dresses in lighter fabrics, as well as a pair of chic dungarees, and laced-up summer sandals. The gym that’s close to our flat has reopened after almost two years and we signed up (it’s around £30 a month as it’s operated by the council) and so I was also looking for a pilates and a running outfit. I’ve tried a few different classes so far, gone for swims and also for circuits on the machines (running, rowing, cycling and a crazy step torture that makes you discover muscles you didn’t know you had).

That’s it!

Those were all my news. I hope you’re having a good weekend and enjoyed this catch-up. I promise as soon as things quiet down with this new job I will return to a bi-weekly posting schedule but as you know blogging does take time when you fit in writing, photography, events, and reviews and at the moment there are evenings where I come back from work late and just want to eat, read and sleep. I appreciate your patience!


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Van Anh
May 16, 2016

So glad to hear that you are settling in well in your new job. Congrats to the job!!! Hope all goes well. :)

Haven't been to in Vietnam during Fall unfortunately, so can't really say much about that. Just make sure you avoid the monsoon season. :)

May 17, 2016

Thank you for the kind words of encouragement VA! Good point about the monsoon season, I just double-checked on Rough Guides and it looks like it's from May to November in Southern Vietnam, and November to February in Central Vietnam so I guess those two are off the list. North Vietnam though seems to be generally warm and sunny from October to November, so I'll try and learn a little more about that region - see, you're already helping me narrow it down :) Jesse x

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