Last week was the first we spent in the new office and I’m so glad we moved! Not only it’s a cheaper and more beautiful space, but it has a little decked terrace and feels like we’re working from a bright spacious living-room. It will be just the right space to organise intimate events and workshops with our talents and fellow digital start-ups, so I can’t wait. If you’re a freelancer, I really recommend checking them out.


Added benefit, I get to explore a new area of the city on my lunchtime wanders and if there’s one thing you can count on with East London, it’s the effect of surprise. It’s such a multi-faceted area where that dull, run-down stretch of road will reveal itself to host a darling pop-up shop or tattoo artist’s studio just a couple of houses up the street. Hide & seek, I’ll play.

Of course I’m not entirely unfamiliar with East London, my friend Emma used to live around the corner and once upon a time, we were regulars at the Star of Bethnal Green with frequent escapes to Columbia Road on the weekend (good times!). But I do have a lot of discovering to do within this triangle encasing the new office. Roughly: Hoxton to the West, Bethnal Green to the South and London Fields to the North.


One such discovery was made on Friday as I wandered into Hurwundeki, a Korean cafe that doubles as a hair salon and antiques store. It’s spacious and full of charm and as a pun-appreciator, I loved the play on the outside/inside, perhaps a nod to the role of Korean street food in that cuisine’s renaissance? Instant cool.



I chose to sit down by the window with its quirky cork countertop and went for a Korean signature dish, the beef bibimbap, as well as a hot chocolate for dessert. Comforting food to fight off the ominous skies. Side note as I have to say after perusing interminable menus these last few weeks it was refreshing to pick from a modest tick-your-pick menu. A quickly-made choice = quickly served food. No dilemma!


And so before long, I tucked into a colourful and fragrant hot pot of veggies sautéed to perfection thrown in with a slightly sesame-perfumed rice, beef and raw egg. On the side came a chilli pepper sauce which was kicky and delicious. The beef strips were a bit of a disappointment: too nervy and chewy for my taste so i’d probably recommend going for the tofu, I know I will next time. Nonetheless, I loved the dish.


My hot chocolate was a delight too: frothy, strong and highly satisfying as you can tell by the absence of pictures (!) It just smelled and tasted amazing, miles away from that watered-down extra-sweet version of a hot chocolate that the British seem to tolerate. Sorry, but it’s true – what’s the deal with that?

All in all I was put back a tenner but it’d be a few quids cheaper if you don’t go for the hotpot and for one of the other dishes instead (salads, meal on sourdough etc.) or opt for the advantageous 10% takeaway discount. Hurwundeki I’m glad we’re neighbors and I’ll see you soon! Readers if you find yourselves in East London, Cambridge Heath way, don’t hesitate to pay them a visit, I promise you won’t regret it!

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