My Home, 10 years forward

Who's that girl? Home, 10 years forward

Earlier this week you may have caught the first part of this series, where I compare how my style has evolved (or not!) over the last ten years. These posts were prompted by my birthday last month, and my unearthing of boxes of knick-knacks, postcards and memories from my student years. Its’ been a lot of fun to revisit my past and to see how far I’ve come; so much has changed since I was an 18 year-old packing her bags and guitar, heading to university.

Red, black and white were my favourite colours then, and I was definitely a bit of a rock chick. My style was feminine with an edge and I loved playing with gender expectations, wearing brogues and thrifted men plaid jackets to stand out from the crowd. I loved bold jewellery and anything handmade; I painted, I roller-skated, I did analog photography and my bedroom looked very much like this:

18 Bedroom - 1Wall

Cityscape Collage Mural by 1Wall – £59.99 // Vintage Camera – £81 // Dotted Cushion – £22 //
Spectacular Postcard – £3 // King Kong Screen Print – £16 //  Elephant Vinyl – £28

It was a colourful retreat and a sanctuary, an arty and messy space which celebrated London loudly. As far as I can remember, I was obsessed with what life in an urban cosmopolitan city would be like. Growing up in a small quaint town has many advantages but, as much as I love Provence, the harsh urban landscape, diversity, and anonymity of a large city is really what I was yearning for.

I wanted to travel, I wanted to be challenged and I wanted to get lost in a crowd of strangers. I wanted to feel the pace of urban life in my veins and I wanted to carve my own path. I watched documentary after documentary on London’s artists, writers and designers and borrowed films from my small town’s library which had as a backdrop the plural personalities of the city itself, from Chinatown to Bloomsbury, Soho, Hampstead and the West End.

As I gathered postcards and photos from friends who had visited London and reported on their findings, an entire wall of my bedroom became covered in mementos, letters and maps, much like the 1Wall Cityscape Collage above. It had a certain messiness to it but I loved to get lost in its mosaic, legs propped up against the wall, and daydream about all that I would discover when I would finally, one day, move here.

Let’s jump 10 years in the future now, where my bedroom looks a little more like this:

28 Bedroom - 1Wall

Brick Mural by 1Wall  – £49.99 // Jewellery Boxes – £20 // Terracotta Bowl – £21
Abstract Wall Sculpture – £121 // Wool Blanket – £49 //Folded Rhino – £20

At first glance, it couldn’t be more different, could it? But I think the underlying themes are still very much there: my love for anything handmade and thrifted is still going strong. And I’m still very partial to accessories and decorative items that stand out, even if the colours are more subdued.

I think that with the years, my taste has refined itself and I have learned to de-clutter. I have been influenced a lot by contemporary design and Scandinavian aesthetics; I appreciate a warmer earthy colour palette and homewares that have character. With more purchasing power, I am more careful about buying pieces that are timeless and that I will still love in a few years rather than spend less on items that are interchangeable.

Above all, I have really developed a love for coziness in my home, objects that tell a story and that make the space warm and inviting. This Brick Mural (in red or white) from 1Wall is exactly the kind of piece that can completely change the look of your living space, even if you are renting, and I love it!

If you’re looking after a mural for your home, I would recommend having a peek at the 1Wall website, and if anything catches your eye, you can get 15% off before January 31st with the code nuffnang15.

Tell me, what did your bedroom look like when you were a student?
What does your home look like now? Has it changed a lot? I would love to know!

Disclosure*: This post is a collaboration between 1Wall and Hecticophilia. For more information on working with me, please head to my Contact page.

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December 7, 2014

I love the exposed brick effect mural! x

December 10, 2014

All I remember from my student room was a massive poster of Jamiroquai's face and a life size cardboard cut out of Han Solo. Suffice to say my tastes have changed quite a lot since then!

December 10, 2014

Thank you for the kind comments Lily and Kate! Glad you enjoyed the post x

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