At Home: Chasing Light

Is there a better feeling than waking up to your bedroom basking in the soft glow of morning? The London weather has been teasing me lately with patches of gorgeous sun here and there and then day-long stretches of grey skies as if to say “No, it’s not Spring yet”. Last week I was actually fooled a few times and left my big coat in the closet, only to step onto the street and do a double-take, then go right back up to change. Has this happened to you too?

But this weekend was all delight, especially on Sunday. It was the kind of day where you wake up early unprompted and your home looks twice as nice as usual; where light softly bounces off the walls, leaping from picture frame to picture frame, brightening up ceramic pots and giving copper homewares a lovely glow. It was the kind of day where you just want to laze in bed with a good book for a couple of hours before hitting the town for some freshly roasted coffee and a cinnamon donut.

Home Chasing Light 1

Home Chasing Light 7

Home Chasing Light 3

I realised this weekend that this April we’re celebrating one year in our little South London flat already. It’s been such a fun adventure moving into a place we can call our own (well, sort of!), to get stuck into furnishing and decorating the space, transforming it step by step into somewhere we really feel at home. I also love the fact that the pieces Rob likes and the ones I do seem to always collide nicely into a homogeneous interior style, mixing in touches of scandinavian, colourful contemporary, graphic chic and mid-century vintage pieces.

It’s not easy to furnish and decorate your home on a budget, especially when you are addicted to Pinterest and love beautiful things. I should know! But if you look in the right places, you can find many affordable and stylish homeware accessories that will brighten up your interiors and won’t break the bank. The copper lamp (£149) featured in this post for instance is from Dwell; I love it to bits, it is so versatile and well-made.

Home Chasing Light 5

Gorgeous isn’t it? I also found the colourful geometric-patterned cushion (£42), copper clock (£19.95) and copper pot (£14.95) at the Dwell store in Shepherd’s Bush; don’t judge, they have a sale on at the moment!

Home Chasing Light 4

One thing I did notice about Dwell, is that favourite pieces tend to go quickly! In less than ten days since I spotted them, the Grid Floor lamp and the Copper clock have already run out from the e-shop (although they may be available to order from the stores). So if you give the site a browse (you should!) and spot something you love, don’t pin it for (too much) later. Here are some great design pieces I’m currently swooning over for the living room:

Dwell Design Pieces

1 // Angle Floor light (£199)
2 // Tree Coat stand (£149)
3 // Paper Pendant light (£49)
4// Curved Floor light (£199)
5 // Sticks Wall hooks (£34.95)

What do you think of them? I have to say I didn’t realise the “all white” theme until they were all sitting nicely there on the blog, it’s funny how that sort of thing happens! Anyhow, I hope that you liked this little peak at our home and how we decorated our bedroom.

Let’s cross our fingers for some more beautiful weather this weekend, I could really do with another lazy early morning in bed, as you can see I have both We are all completely beside ourselves and The Goldfinch to finish.

Now I would love to know:

Are you living with someone else (family member, partner, friend, housemates)? How do you make it work when it comes to interior decoration? What do you like, what is your style, what is theirs? Please tell me more in the comments below, it’s always lovely to hear from you!

Home Chasing Light 6

Disclosure: This post is a collaboration between Hecticophilia and DwellIf you’re interested in working with me, please head to my About page.

If you’d like to see more pictures of my home, you can check the following posts: Wall Art Refresh, Urban Terrace Makeover, The Dream Diaries, Welcome Back, Scenes from a Weekend.


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March 24, 2015

I'm jealous at how TIDY your house is! I have clutter ALL around me, all the time. I feel like it doesn't matter whether or not I have pretty things in my house, because I have just too much clutter!

March 24, 2015

Ah ah, thank you for your comment Jaime; I have to disclose that this has been a long tedious process of Rob following me around in the flat and nudging (harassing) me to put things back in their place, but after a year, I did get the hang of it! The truth is, I love furniture, homewares and decoration and sometimes I feel like if there is too much clutter, I can't see it and enjoy it as well, if that makes sense? So it forces me to be a little tidier. Now what would be good is if I did make an effort to invite more people around!

Van Anh
March 25, 2015

Aah, love this post and the photos! Such a lovely little space! After seeing you went to Top Drawer last season, now I want to go privately as well instead of for work. :D And it really doesn't seem like you have a lack of any light!

March 25, 2015

Thank you for the kind comment V.A! I really recommend to Top Drawer in September, and there are other trade shows like Pulse as well that you can check out, for pleasure rather than for work; something we have to remember as bloggers sometimes :) I did manage to get some light, after about eight days of stalking every little patch of brightness in the flat ah ah. It would have been a shame not to do the lovely Dwell products justice as they are gorgeous!

March 25, 2015

Your flat is so serene and well curated - every corner looks so well thought out and composed (compared to my overflowing hoarder's parlour of a flat) - and that lamp is gorgeous! x

Jasiminne | Posh, Broke, & Bored

March 25, 2015

Thank you for the lovely comment Jasiminne! It certainly took about a year to look like this :) Really glad you like the lamp, I think it's so perfect! I'm hoping to put Dwell on the radar of those who love contemporary and well-designed (but affordable) furniture and homewares and didn't know the brand before.

March 27, 2015

I agree, the weather is teasting us for sure. Beautiful photography as always - really loving the modern interior pieces and wish my home looks this nice.

Alina x

The Dame Intl
April 23, 2015

Your photography and styling is so lovely! I'm usually into silver, but the copper trend is growing on me!

April 24, 2015

Thank you for the kind comment @Lisa and it's nice to discover your blog. Can I just say you have the coolest hair?

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