Girls’ Withdrawal: How To Deal


Girls' Withdrawal

How lucky are we to get a rainy long weekend this bank holiday? It cornered me into tackling that long-as-my-arm to-do list which was grudgingly wilting away in the meanders of my iPhone. From finally getting some online shopping done to playing dominoes with our furniture, I’ve definitely embraced the great indoors this weekend.

Now we’re Monday though and I’m justifiably getting the Sunday blues one day late. In an ideal world this would mean baking a dark chocolate & orange fondant and watching Girls. Except I just checked, we only have one egg left (Terror! Abomination!) and I’ve long finished (re-)watching both available seasons of the show. Yep.

Sadly, life goes on. But at least it gave me the idea to write today about a capital matter (I’m sure you will agree): How to deal with a bad case of Girls’ withdrawal. I do feel I am sort of an expert on this as I’ve gone through the process myself (and survived).

Just stop me if I’m wrong:

a) You loved and hated the characters from the show at the same time, mostly though you were relieved to see something smart and indulgent and funny on TV which was simultaneously raw and magnified.

b) You laughed (repeatedly) at the sharp-edge one-liners and pondered religiously on which character combination describes you the most accurately (1/3 Hannah, 1/3 Jessa, 1/3 Adam) (boys are allowed) (I write what I want, it’s my blog).

c) So really now, the prospect of returning to daytime telly gives you a slight pang of hurt in the stomach because you want complex, you want witty and nothing that comes to mind seems up to the task of softening that sense of loss you’re experiencing.

Well I got you.


Please find HERE my doctor’s orders. These are some of the finest examples I could think of in terms intelligent dialogue, surprising bittersweet plots and good musical scores. I hope you will enjoy these not-so-simple comedies and as fellow addicts, do let me know if I’ve forgotten some titles which should be on this list – as I’m sure I have. Enjoy your Monday night and chase away that blues. I will start by buying some eggs.

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October 15, 2016
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May 28, 2014

The Tenenbaums: YES. Ghost World: YES YES YES. Not that I needed proof that you have awesome taste in movies :) I need to check out the ones on the list I haven't yet seen!

May 28, 2014

Thank you! Glad you concur and I hope you'll find some interesting titles on the Pinterest board :) xx

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