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Jesse Audubey - Blogger at HecticophiliaJesse Audubey - Blogger at HecticophiliaJesse Audubey - Blogger at HecticophiliaJesse Audubey - Blogger at Hecticophilia

Where do you live?

These last six years, I’ve been lucky to call London my home (I’ve lived in Camden Town, Ladbroke Grove and Kennington) but recently, I took a big leap of faith and relocated to Canada after a career opportunity. We’ve settled in Montréal these last few months (and I’ve been working remotely for my design studio in London, then freelance) and guess what, we love it here! So much so that I’ve started working on a brand new bilingual blog (English and French) which will celebrate the interior design and independent makers of Canada. Stay tuned, it’s a pretty exciting new project for me.


Where are you from?

I grew up in Provence in the South of France. It’s a really beautiful region where life and food are enjoyed slowly. If you want to get an idea of the landscape and culture you can check out this video by the New York Times.


How old are you?

I am 31 years old. You can read my posts on turning 28 and learning to be kinder to myself in my twenties. I’ve been a Londoner since 2011 when I came to pursue a career in the creative industries.


Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging in 2011 to update family and friends back in France about what I got up to in London. This first blog was in French and it was a something between a diary and a travel log. I switched to a new blog in English and with a clearer editorial line in 2014 and wrote very regularly on Hecticophilia for two years. Since the beginning of 2017, I’ve had a lot of work and the opportunity to travel with my job for projects in Europe and North America, so things have slowed down a little. But fear not, I’m working on a new site which should be ready to launch by Spring 2018 and I’m very excited to share it with you.


Is this blog your job?

Not exactly, at the moment this blog is a creative side-project. That said, it has definitely had an impact on my career and also on my earnings. I’ve been lucky to collaborate with and freelance for some great partners these last two years to produce digital content and editorial features to be hosted here or on their own sites, blogs and social channels. I have come to manage editorial and advertising projects with other influencers and finally, this blog has helped me to grow a strong network of like-minded creative professionals from freelancers to press and media professionals. I do treat this blog a little bit like a side gig and I take it seriously.


Sounds great, I want to start a blog!

You should! I’d recommend thinking about what you already love doing or talking about to friends, what you are really passionate about. Take this and think strategically about how to transform your interest and expertise into content that will be useful and engaging to other people (your future audience, readers and followers). Once you’ve narrowed down what your blog’s content and categories will be, try to plan an editorial calendar with at least one or two blog post ideas a week for a couple of months. Pick a name for your blog, sign up for the associated email and social media handles, and come up with a nice logo and profile image. You can start blogging for free on WordPress or Blogger and customise a blog template with drag and drop tools rather than coding. As you start publishing your content regularly and honing your voice, slowly build your presence on social media by connecting with other bloggers: share their posts, tag them and comment, guest-post, and go to events to socialise. Voila!

The bottomline is: it’s not that difficult to start a blog but of course, it will take time, drive and effort to take it to a place where you are almost proud of what you are producing and where you have a loyal audience for your content. Keep your eyes on the prize because it will bring a lot of opportunities for you, personally and professionally, it’s a great way to build upon your skill set, to make new friends in creative disciplines and to get out of your comfort zone. Don’t wait until you’re ready, just start.


Who takes your photos?

I take most of the original photography on this blog, sometimes with the help of a tripod and remote control, and sometimes with the help of my boyfriend Rob.


What do you shoot and edit with?

I shoot with a Canon Rebel SL1 100D body and either the Canon EF-S 18-55mm or Canon EF 50 mm f/1.8 as lens for blog pictures, and with my iPhone5 for social media pictures. I edit my pictures with Photoshop for blog pictures and with VSCO or ColorStory for social media pictures.


Can I use one of your pictures?

This blog’s content is copyrighted material and I own the rights to it. If you are a blogger or individual, you are welcome to use one of my photos for non-commercial purposes by linking to the post’s page appropriately and crediting me as the owner. If you are a company or brand, please get in touch with me to ask permission before using any of my words or pictures.


I have another question!

You are most welcome to get in touch and ask.

Just drop me an email at hecticophilia{at}