Framed: Stylish Retro Glasses

Hello there – how was your weekend? I feel like I’m finally settling in, almost three weeks after the turn of the year. Normally during this month I am all about making plans and getting things done but of course this year it’s a little different and it’s taken me some time to adjust and move forward. Then again, I’m trying to not be too anxious about all I have to catch up with (like Instagram for instance) because after all, I have pledged that kindness would be my mantra in 2016 – and I might as well keep my word. On this subject, I’ve loved these two posts shared by Sara and Carole, which you might enjoy reading too.

I spent most of my Saturday and Sunday in Clapham and Brixton running errands, grabbing coffee and brunch, picking up a few things for the flat, and visiting the Bowie mural, which is stunning and definitely gave me pause. It’s kind of great to see people come together like this, it makes you realise how much art and music mean something to people, the role that it plays in their lives. I really recommend you pop by if you’re in South London!

This weekend I also got a new eyewear prescription and it was long overdue: my last eye test was about two years ago. To be honest I wear contacts most of the time (which I really shouldn’t) so I want to be a little better from now on and give my eyes some rest a couple days a week. As a result, I’ve been on the hunt for a nice pair of retro glasses and I thought it’d be a good idea to share the nice frames I found since some of you might be looking too? I browsed shops like Bailey Nelson, My Optique and Specsavers last night and below are some of my favourites, priced between £69 and £125. Let me know which ones you like, I’d love to know what you think,

Glasses from Bailey Nelson

Stylish Retro Glasses from Bailey Nelson

1 // Parker in Cosmic Tortoise (£98)
2 // Parker in Black Yellow Demi (£98)
3 // Lyell in Black w. Tortoise Arms (£98)
4 // Joyce in Brown Fade (£98)
5 // Wells in Mahogany (£98)

Glasses from My Optique

Stylish Retro Glasses from My Optique

1 // Reggie by London Retro (£79)
2 // Fitzrovia by London Retro (£79)
3 // Picadilly by London Retro (£79)
4 // Metropolitan by London Retro (£79)
5 // Highate by London Retro (£79)

Glasses from Specsavers

Stylish Retro Glasses from Specsavers

1 // Flexi 91 by Specsavers (£99)
2 // Zinnia by Specsavers (£85)
3 // Flexi 94 by Specsavers (£99)
4 // KM 48 by Karen Millen (£125)
5 // Farrow by Specsavers (£69)


What do you think, any favourites?


If you have tips about ordering correction frames online, or know any high street, independent or online eyewear shop that I should have a look at, I would love some recommendations! In the meantime, if you want to look at all the frames I found together in one place, you can check out my new Pinterest board. Have a great start to the week!


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