Elegant Modern Furniture by Camerich

Have you ever been to the Geffrye Museum?

Safely tucked away in its own little private gardens just by Hoxton overground station in East London, it’s a great place to spend a lazy afternoon. It’s free to visit and something I love to do is to bring friends along the eleven period rooms of the permanent collection, which span the 1600s to the present day. It always makes for interesting conversation to compare and contrast how interior design has changed over the last 400 years and how our living spaces, the furniture, home decor, lighting, fabrics and materials we favour, have evolved with the changes in our society. My favourite rooms are the 1935 and 1965 ones, which you might have guessed, for the elegant modern furniture and homewares they display.

When I think about that dream house of mine, I have plenty of ideas about its overall look and feel. Some days I picture a high-ceiling industrial loft in a busy (but slightly cheaper) city, like Berlin, Marseille, Lisbon, or Amsterdam. There would be large windows letting in lots of light, some distressed elements like exposed brick and faded wooden floors, and a mix of retro-modern statement pieces of furniture and Scandi-inspired homewares. I daydream about a home that would be stylish but also comfortable, not cramped with things, and that I will always love to come back to and host friends and family at.

Elegant Modern Furniture - Photo by Jonas Berg

Generally, I prefer to save my pennies and buy something nicer that I will cherish longer, rather than on-trend-right-now pieces that I may get over after a few months. There will be a lot of time before we can make the leap to owning our own home of course, especially if we settle in London where we live at the moment (that’s a whole other debate!) but it’s still nice to entertain the thought and think about our dream home, wherever it will be.

Between us, that’s also why I enjoy writing this blog. It allows me to indulge in the fantasy and the escapism and it’s a good opportunity to keep up with interesting brands which offer nice interior pieces, from statement furniture to stylish homewares. This way the day I will really need it, I will already know what I like and where to get things, rather than start from scratch!

Today, I want to chat about four key pieces I plan to invest in, in the future, in case you already have a nice space of your own and are on on the lookout for modern picks with a retro feel and luxury modern finish. I’m talking about the sort of pieces you can plan a whole room around, that steal the show and really ground the space. The ones that will get praise out of any new guest visiting.

Elegant Modern Furniture by Camerich

Elegant Modern Furniture by Camerich

1 // Stilts Cabinet Unit
2 // Alison Sofa Section
3 // Hanna Dining Table
4 // Venus Lounge Chair
5 // Leman Lounge Chair


A Sideboard: This is the one piece I already have and it always gets commented on by guests visiting us. Sideboards can be the focal point of any room: office, living, bedroom, and even hallway! They work wonderfully well with plants, mirrors, old radios, prints – you name it. Oh and of course, storage! Win win.

An Angular Sofa: I love sofas that are their own little islands in a room, don’t you? If you have the budget I think it’s worth going the custom route. My dad went through 4 different high-street sofas until he walked into a showroom one day and picked a beautiful piece in a leather of his choice. He says it’s the best investment he’s ever made.

A Dining Table: I bet I had you at marble here. I mean just look at it – what a gorgeous piece! It would work beautifully well with some classic bentwood or Eames-style chairs and will take on any look you want from Scandi to Retro to Classic. It’s a beautifully versatile kitchen or dining table and that’s why it caught my eye.

A Lounge Chair: Who doesn’t love a great armchair? On weekends like this Easter where I really have all the time in the world, I love starting the day with a coffee and the paper lounging in our armchair by the window, looking at passersby and listening to the sounds of the city. If you’re so lucky as to have an office, this is a great piece to invest in.

Elegant Modern Furniture - Photos by Jonas Berg and Hervé Goluza

What do you think of these four key statement pieces of furniture? Have you ever thought about investing in a custom piece for your home? If so, I’d recommend having a browse of the range by Camerich and visiting one of their London showrooms (take your pick from Islington, Chelsea, Swiss Cottage, Kingston, Notting Hill, Fulham, West End and Hampstead). They have a sale on at the moment, which lasts until Thursday March 31st.

There is an impressive range of customisations available in terms of size, look, and material for each piece and with the handy visualisation tool, you can really get a sense of what the finished object will be like so it makes for a playful shopping experience too. If you’re not sure which colour scheme would work best for your home, or if you have other furniture pieces you’d need to match, you can order a colour swatch of your choice or even ask for a digital 2D/3D render to see how everything would fit together.

Elegant Modern Furniture - Lazy Time Sofa by Camerich

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Elegant Modern Furniture - Clouds Sofa by Camerich

Thank you for reading!

Palette Inspiration 1: Photograph by Jonas Berg // Palette Inspiration 2: Photograph by Jonas Berg // Palette Inspiration 3: Photograph by Hervé Goluza // Photograph 4: Lazytime Contemporary Sofa by Camerich // Photograph 5: Clouds Contemporary Sofa by Camerich.

Disclosure: I’ve loved working on this post in collaboration with Camerich! Thank you for supporting the wonderful brands who support Hecticophilia – all words are always my own. Want to work together? It’s this way!


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Posh, Broke, & Bored
March 30, 2016

I love the Geffrye Museum! So much so that when I touched down from Kuala Lumpur I went there, straight from a 13 hour flight, to take some photos so I could blog about the place. Dedication right there. I remember thinking that the midcentury rooms are 'so you'! Myself, I went mad for the older styles (even sneaking into a class outing of children just to listen to their teacher talk about Edwardian homeware haha).

I do like your lofty (see what I did there?!) decor style and I enjoy modern decor in other people's homes, even if I'd choose to live in a dusty old museum if I could! x

March 30, 2016

Thank you for your lovely comment Jasiminne! I can see you listening in to that group of school children and their teacher in front of the Edwardian room ah ah. I see where you come from, I know I feel so attracted to older pieces when I spot them in jumble sales or on Ebay (like those beautiful Singer machines mounted on little tables!) *but* I know myself, I also like my home to be pristine and so hopefully for my forever home I will find statement furniture I love from brands who are doing great updated modern versions of classic midcentury pieces. That would be ideal for me and that's why I'll be keeping an eye on Camerich :)

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