Diary: This was September

I can’t believe it’s been ten days since my last post here on the blog but you have to forgive me, it’s been an eventful two weeks and time has slipped away from me. You might have caught my slightly frantic polling on social media as I spent most of the beginning of the month trying to organise a nice winter sun getaway for us and I swear, never has a holiday resisted me so much. There were a lot of long evenings spent on Tripadvisor, Booking.com and AirBnb.

If you remember August’s diary, Rob and I were initially planning to go to Greece but as it turns out, leaving from Manchester (we have a wedding in Wales just before our trip) and coming back via London slightly complicated things. After narrowing our destinations down to Minorca, Palma or Venice, I have to say I was slightly leaning towards Italy but upon browsing the lacklustre accommodation available at our dates (mostly tiny hotel rooms in dire need of a makeover at extortionate prices), we agreed to visit Venice in the Spring when we have a little more time to do our research, and to enjoy the rugged beauty of Ciutadella in Minorca this October.

I am so ready for afternoons filled with reading, long walks and lazing on the beach (even if the sea might be too cool to take a dip in) and evenings sipping delicious Spanish wine while tucking into fresh seafood and tapas. I’ve never been to the Balearic Islands and I am so excited for a holiday late in the year. As you know I did go back home to Provence this July for a wedding in my family but it was only a short stay and we then had to wait for Rob’s trial period at his new workplace to finish before he could ask for any days off.

Let’s chat about September then, and welcome to the last forty days of my life.

Creative Culture

Pomona - National Theatre

This month I’ve caught the sinister and surreal Pomona, a thriller play full of twists and turns with great music and set choreography. It’s the sort of work that is slightly uncomfortable to watch and makes you think too. I find that everything that is shown at the National Theatre for new writing is great and the tickets are often £15 so I recommend keeping an eye on upcoming shows! Lately I’ve also been listening to pretty much all the available episodes of Strangers, a podcast from Lea Thau on KCRW, they’re close-focus interviews, always a little raw but funny and inquisitive – you should really check it out. Finally, a guilty pleasure: the MTV-produced series spin-off of Scream on Netflix. Derivative in a delicious way, it kept me watching avidly through the twelve episodes, it’s the right balance of jumps, teenage drama and witty dialogue. A pretty good watch, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Home and Design

Serif by Bouroullec for Samsung

Between Top Drawer, Design Junction and the London Design Festival, I have been introduced to some great designers this month and I probably have half a year of posts scheduled to catch up with all that content inspiration. I’ve sent interview requests and started preparing moodboards too so you’ll see things pop up over the coming months. The most striking encounter for me was probably Serif, a TV set designed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec for Samsung, it really is a thing of beauty and the first iteration of such an object that might find its way into my home, no small feat for a girl who has virtually lived without a TV for most of her life.

London Hangouts

Clerkenwell Bloomsbury Urban Walkabout on Hecticophilia

It’s going to be all about South London for me from now on! I’m really excited to say that my studio has moved from Bethnal Green to Borough and from this Monday onwards it’s going to take me thirty minutes tops (on foot, the luxury!) to get to the office. It’s going to be amazing to start each day with a brisk walk up to Borough with a hot cup of tea in my hands and a podcast in my headphones. Perfect timing too as Fall is taking hold of the city and the pavements are getting scattered with a gorgeous mix of brown and red leaves. This weekend I’ve dived into my closet to find my woolly scarf and had my first hot chocolate of the season. By the way, if you’re as keen as I am to (re)discover the urban villages of London, you can catch up with my enthusiastic post on the illustrated guides above from Urban Walkabout (they’re free and you can order them straight to your postbox).

Restaurants and Recipes

The 10 Cases

Over the last five weeks we had both Rob’s brother and my sister and her boyfriend visit us so you could say there’s been a fair amount of eating out (but it’s for a good cause so it doesn’t count). Where street-food is concerned I’ve loved visits to Maltby St Market in Bermondsey and Acklam Village Market in Notting Hill. There were also dinners out at old favourites Canela and the 10 Cases, and Rob and I headed to Greenwich for another pop-up supper club by Chateau Marmot with Sujet Saenkham as guest chef – but I have to say I wasn’t as impressed by this one as I had been by our visit to Beehive Place, which I had loved so much.

Style and Finds

Peter Pilotto Catwalk

This month I was excited to attend London Fashion Weekend at the Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea to catch the Peter Pilotto catwalk on the invitation of Carpetright. It was great to spend the afternoon with other interiors bloggers and to chat about how trends from the fashion world will influence the ones in home decor this year. You can have a look at our vox pops on their blog and I’ll show you soon some of the great pieces I grabbed at the event from London label Antipodium (plenty of lovely patterns, like this shirt I snapped for my Instagram).

What did you get up to this September?
What have you been doing, watching, eating, liking?


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Tamsin @ A Certain Adventure
October 14, 2015

Yay Jesse, I reckon Ciutadella will be a really interesting vacation spot! I've wanted to visit Menorca for some time - I reckon it'd be way less touristy than Majorca. And congrats on the office move. Isn't it great when life and work align (at least geographically)? x

October 14, 2015

Hi Tamsin, thank you for stopping by and I'll remember to let you know how Menorca was! I'm so happy about the move, it really is a huge change to my mood to walk an hour a day instead of cramming into a tube carriage for two hours a day - I don't know how I used to do it just last week. It was lovely to see you on Saturday by the way, here is to more foodie catch-ups! Jesse x

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