Diary: This was July

This was July Hecticophilia

You know, every time another month rolls by I think back to when the adults would tell wide-eyed ten-year old me: “Enjoy it because when you get older, time starts to go faster.” And I realise… that was all true. It’s funny really, because I can picture last summer so clearly in my mind: perched on the old stony balcony of our accommodation in Dubrovnik at the end of our Croatia trip (see my posts on {Rovinj} and {Split} if you’re curious), and I felt so lively at the time, so excited for the year to come. But now somehow when I try to picture the last ten months, my mind sort of comes up blank. I’m not sure how to explain it, it’s like it’s all a bit of a blur and I hate feeling this way.

Could it be that I always pack a lot in my usual London week and my mind gets saturated with good memories so it’s less efficient at differentiating those from normal days? Surely that should be a happy problem. I guess living in a big city and having a routine of tube – work – tube makes your thoughts a little murky so that only the weekends really stand out. But to be honest, I’m pretty good at organising things on weekday evenings too, so I want to be better at summoning them and not feeling like the year has been a long anonymous thread.

I really enjoy reading monthly roundups on other blogs so I thought perhaps I could try and do one of my own, to record what has inspired and excited me day to day a little better. Maybe that’s classic millennial behaviour (if something is not recorded and shared online, it sort of didn’t happen) but really, I just want to make it a concrete daily habit, jotting a few lines about what I’ve been up to on my calendar or diary, so that I can go back to it at the end of the month or year, and put my mind at ease.

Let’s jump in? I will keep things simple and split my “highlights” by the categories of this blog.
Welcome to the last thirty days of my life:

Creative Culture

The first two weeks of the month went by pretty quickly as I was in that anticipation stage just before the holidays, counting down the hours until I could jump on the Eurostar to the South of France. I think that for once, my luggage was all done the day before, which really tells you something.

I made sure to go to the Avignon festival once I was home, which is sort of like the Fringe in Edinburgh but bigger, and a rather glorious occasion. Every year, the paved streets of the old town get swallowed up with amazing signs and artwork advertising over 1300 independent shows from circus to singing, theatre, mime, dance and puppetry. We went to see “Ballet 2 Rue”, a dance piece which was a collection of little stories interpreted in a hip hop / street style of dance but on classical music. It was awesome, you can watch the trailer here if you fancy it.

Ballet 2 Rue - Metamorphoz crew

Another cultural highlight of the month was getting lost in the incredible Mucem in Marseille. I’ve shared / some / Instagrams, so you can have a look there – it’s a beautiful building. The design of it is so intricate and there are so many graphic and architectural details to marvel at, I really recommend you to go if you’re in the region.

On one of the evenings in Marseille, we were going out to grab a bite and were surprised to hear music suddenly filling the street. We walked over and right there, in front of the Opera standing tall and beautiful in its night lighting, were about forty couples dancing the argentine tango. It was amazing to watch them, they were totally engrossed in each other and in the music and it felt so intimate and wonderful to be a witness to that. It’s called a milonga, you can take a peek here and it’s really made me curious to learn tango so now I have to find a class!

Tango in Marseille

Home and Design

If you read the blog this July, you’ll know that I’m planning a {bedroom refresh} at the moment and stalking Habitat. I’m still undecided on the look and it will definitely have to work within a limited budget but I’m excited. I’m also looking at doing a couple of DIYs: we have a long chest of drawers in the hallway in a simple pine wood colour and Rob and I want to jazz it up. I badly need a jewellery stand too, so that my necklaces stop tangling themselves together impossibly. Both DIYs are on the books and July was also about planning them.

Home Chasing Light 4

London Hangouts

This month I’ve spent time in some areas of London I rarely visit and that was really nice. I’ve enjoyed the first hot days of July at the terrace of the bars of Exmouth Market with my friend Ioanna, and celebrated Rob’s best friend’s birthday at Dalston Roof Park. Outside of London, we fell in love with {Margate}, on the Thanet coast (Kent) and in fact, we’re heading right back for a weekend mid-August, I really can’t wait.

Margate Weekend

Restaurants and Recipes

I absolutely fell in love with a restaurant in Bermondsey that I need to shoot and blog about so I won’t tell you too much now and keep the secret until I can write about it. I did write about one my recent favourites: {Shackfuyu} but that post got excellent views so I strongly suspect you all read it already! In terms of home cooking, as usual there’s been a lot of fresh vegetables, meat and cheese from the market, as we’ve tried our best to shop locally this year. We came back from France with all the good stuff, namely a killer Viognier wine that my mom found in Ardeche and all the duck confit we could carry (that’s for rocket, blue cheese and duck confit burgers, in case you’re wondering).

Fried potatoes in curry sauce Shackfuyu 2

Style and Finds

I had written about my very last minute {search for a dress} to attend the wedding of my stepsister in Provence, and I’m pleased to report that I settled on a lovely lavender draped bustier number from Asos. Rob and I were pretty much colour-coordinated and we’ve been told we scrub up okay. I’ll take that, thank you!

At the Wedding

Now, please tell me: What were your July highlights? Do you also obsess about recording stuff?
↓ ↓ ↓ I would love to hear from you in the comments below ↓ ↓ ↓

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August 4, 2015

You sound like you've been very busy! Gorgeous photos as always!

August 5, 2015

Hi Hannah, I guess I have and thank you for the kind words. That's why I find this exercise of the monthly round-up great to do, it forces you to think back through things and I'm glad I'll be able to come back to the post and remember all those happy moments. I hope you're having a good summer so far too? Jesse x

Giulia Mule'
August 5, 2015

I love the idea of posting monthly roundups, this way I discovered your Shackfuyu post (I must be the only one who hadn't read it yet!) That French toast... :P
I am curious to know which one if the amazing Bermondsey restaurant. When will you spill the beans? ;)

August 5, 2015

Thank you for the kind comment Giulia! I could totally see a Foodie monthly roundup on your blog, like "best coffee", "best cocktail", "best dinner" of the month or something! The French toast at Shackfuyu deserves a best award of its own, I think everyone will agree with that :) I'm shooting the Bermondsey restaurant this Saturday so it should be up next week! Jesse x

The Dutch countryside
August 19, 2015

It seems like you had quite a busy July, but nonetheless I'm guessing it was incredibly fun! Exmouth Market is always fun, less crowded than some other ones, hope you had fun at the wedding, but you probably did:) x

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