Desktop Wallpapers: 10 Spring Picks

April is here friends! We’ve had a couple of steady sunny spells in London lately and like every year, this makes me realise how long I’ve been sort of “copping” with the greyness. How wonderful the city actually becomes when it’s lit up with sunshine, it feels like a whole new place. I also get much better at spending my weekends out, away from screens. Spring always feels full of promise but it’s especially true for me this time as I’m moving on from a role where I stayed for three years to embark on new creative adventures. I couldn’t be more excited.

I won’t lie, it was challenging to let go of the security of what I know, my daily habits, and to decide to do something out of my comfort zone, but I’m glad I took the leap and I feel ready for the next chapter. For the first time in years I don’t know exactly what tomorrow will be like and I’m finding it liberating. It’s been an eye-opener to realise how much happier I am when I plan and work towards what I want in earnest. At the start of the year I said I would focus on being kinder to myself in 2016 and this is a big step in keeping my word. Great opportunities are already coming along and it feels great to be able to say yes to more things.

With this in mind, and because we all need a gentle reminder to challenge ourselves sometimes, I thought I’d share with you some encouraging mantras for Spring. I’ve loved stumbling upon these 10 inspiring design wallpapers over the last year and they’ve all been my desktop background at some point or another. They’re all free to download and I’m linking you to the kind creatives who have made them so that you can hop on, say hello and follow them if you’d like. I hope you will like these as much as I have!

10 Desktop Wallpapers for Spring


Believe Desktop Wallpapers by Cocorinna

Believe by Corina Nika


Start Where You Are Desktop Wallpapers by Julie Green

Start Where You Are by Julie Green


Courage Desktop Wallpapers by Our Heiday

Courage by Patricia Shen


Inspiration Exists Desktop Wallpapers by Daniel Patrick Simmons

Inspiration Exists by Daniel Patrick Simmons


You Got This Desktop Wallpapers by In Everything

You Got This by Kim Moran


Find Yourself Desktop Wallpapers by Something Peach

Find Yourself by Jinny Park


Get Shit Done Desktop Wallpapers by Pink on the Cheek


Say Yes Desktop Wallpapers by The Lovely Drawer


Give It All You've Got Desktop Wallpapers by Jessica Bruggink

Give It All You’ve Got by Jessica Bruggink


Make It Happen Desktop Wallpapers by Breanna Rose

Make It Happen by Breanna Rose


PS: If you’re looking for more creative desktop wallpapers, you can check out this other roundup/a>.

Thank you for reading!


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