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How soon is too soon to talk about Christmas? If like me you’ve asked your boss for your December holidays way back in September and patiently waited for the winter rail tickets to hit the sale (October 15th! Really Eurostar?), the countdown to the holiday season has felt very real for a while. You might have pencilled in your calendar the exact date you’ll get to see your family again and kind of cannot wait: I bet the next eight weeks are going to fly by.

Because we’ve established that I’m a little crazy, I’ve already made a list of everyone I need to buy a present for and I’m jotting down ideas here and there when the inspiration strikes (on the tube, when I’m doing yoga, five minutes after I’ve gone to bed…) and I’m planning to slowly start my Christmas shopping this November (I don’t like to be rushed). If you ask anyone around me, they’ll tell you that I love organising surprises for others, that’s something that comes from studying and living abroad, and having to miss out on big occasions in the past. So I’ve always compensated by sending thoughtful, colourful and creative parcels to my loved ones.

Christmas Tree Shop Decorations - John Lewis 1

Even though I’m in London now and not that far away that I can’t hop over to the South of France every winter, the trepidation for the hunt of the perfect gifts has never left me. You know what other Christmas tradition I genuinely love? Carefully unpacking ornaments that have been handed down from your grandparents, setting out tea lights, candles, poinsettia, ivy and mistletoe, hanging wooly stockings… Planning and decorating the Christmas tree is perhaps the most wonderful way to enjoy the holiday season for me.

Christmas Tree Shop Decorations - John Lewis 2

Truth be told, going from house-shares to flat-shares means that over the last few years we haven’t really had our own tree to decorate but this year I’m determined not to let anything get in my way. There’s no reason one can’t get a bit festive and creative in a smaller space and perpetuate the tradition because you enjoy a tree in the whole lead-up to Christmas after all, not just on the day. So I’m really looking forward to making the flat a little cosier and merrier this year and I’m excited to start sharing styling tips and handpicked gift guides with you.

Christmas Tree Shop Decorations - John Lewis 3

Earlier this month I took a little detour via Oxford Street for the official opening of the John Lewis Christmas Tree Shop and when I left, I had stars in my eyes and plenty of inspiration. It truly is wonderful. I guess that after all, who better than them can capture the imagination of thousands of people every year? If you’re not in the UK, you might not know that the unveiling of the Christmas ads is a pretty big deal over here and all major retailers battle it out with creativity to touch their customers’ hearts with beautiful video narratives of friendship, love and family.

Christmas Tree Shop Decorations - John Lewis 4

It’s really quite fun to follow and something that gets talked about in every office, over a hot chocolate with friends, and on social media of course. When it’s done well, it’s something that everyone remembers fondly too and I have no doubt that it has a big impact on which retailer does best over the holiday season. I think that the buying team at John Lewis has excellent taste and it’s hands down one of my favourite places to shop for Christmas presents. 

Christmas Tree Shop Decorations - John Lewis 5

This might have to do with how delicious it smells in the store (something I found out during my visit!) but it’s also likely because you can tell their team genuinely cares about helping you find the perfect present. They have a strong incentive to do so after all: did you know that John Lewis employees are partly its owners? What a great way to incentivise your staff and I think that really shows in the quality of their customer service.

Christmas Tree Shop Decorations - John Lewis 6

On the day I popped by for instance, the team who has worked on this new collection since the start of the year was on the shop floor, showing everyone their favourite new pieces and answering any questions about how they sourced the illustrators, makers and themes they’ve been working with this year. I was totally won over by their gorgeous seasonal food shop, and their gift-wrapping range looked brilliant too, but today, I thought I would start by sharing some of the tree ornaments that caught my eye; I think you will love them too. Should we have a look?

Christmas Ornaments: Gold

I love these stylish picks in a classic Christmas colour, I think they would stand out beautifully against the dark green of the tree; also I don’t know what you think but these all look a bit magical, no?

John Lewis Christmas Baubles - Gold Picks by Hecticophilia

1 // Etched Bauble (£4)
2 // Celebrate Bauble (£8)
3 // Enchantment Bauble (£2.5)
4 // Lines Bauble (£2.5)
5 // Locket Bauble (£6)

Christmas Ornaments: White

I was invited to celebration drinks in a posh London hotel last year and they had decorated their tree solely with white ornaments, it looked beautiful, fresh and very classy. I’ve been thinking about it ever since!

John Lewis Christmas Baubles - White Picks by Hecticophilia

1 // Sequin Bauble (£6)
2 // Stripe Bauble (£4.5)
3 // Snowflake Bauble (£4)
4 // Snowflakes Bauble (£4.5)
5 // Zigzag Bauble (£4)

Christmas Ornaments: Harlequin

If you’re a lover of all things contemporary and like to play with textures, perspective and colour around your home, I think these would make for a very original and quite glamorous tree.

John Lewis Christmas Baubles - Harlequin Picks by Hecticophilia

1 // Geometric Bauble (£4)
2 // Shine Bauble (£3.5)
3 // Paper Bauble (£2.5)
4 // Abstract Bauble (£8)
5 // Diamond Bauble (£6)

What do you think? I’m getting super excited about shopping for our decorations this year for the first time as you can tell and by the way, I’ve seen a Scandinavian-looking tree in store that is pre-lit and looks really nice, I think it’d be perfect for those of you who like me have a smaller living space, take a peek here.

Tell me: Do you already have your Christmas ornaments?
Which of the collections above do you like the best?



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