The Shopkeeper’s Home

Do you ever step into a particular space, whether that’s a friend’s home or a beautifully curated shop and just instantly love everything, your gaze being met by a fascinating patchwork of items from the homewares displayed to the textures and decor of the walls and floors?
This is the sort of thing that makes my heart flutter and I love stepping into someone’s personal universe, where their taste and aesthetic speaks volumes. Some people have an amazing eye for interior design and that fascination is contagious, it becomes an inspiration for anyone who sets foot in the space they have lovingly fashioned.

The Shopkeeper’s Home

Caroline Rowland from 91 Magazine feels the very same way and in her first book The Shopkeeper’s Home, published this October, she shares her creative explorations around the hidden corners of Europe and America to find, meet and photograph some truly wonderful retail spaces as well as each of their owners’ private homes. It’s a smart and stylish portrait of their personal design ethos, as well as some practical tips about how to recreate the looks into your home successfully across diverse aesthetics from Scandinavian to quirky contemporary, boho and midcentury vintage.
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Styling the Seasons

I’ve loved discovering each and every page in this book and it has given me lots of inspiration, so I thought it would be a nice thank you to give it centre stage in my Styling the Seasons feature this month. As you may know this is a friendly creative challenge organised by fellow interior bloggers Katy from Apartment Apothecary and Charlotte from Lotts and Lots since September 2014, and I had only taken part once in the last year, which is something  I really want to remedy!
The idea is for you to style any surface in your home (shelf, dining table, mantelpiece – it can be a different surface each month too) and decorate that surface with anything you like to reflect the new month and what it means to you. Anyone can enter and you can share your picture on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook by tagging Katy, Charlotte and using the hashtag #StylingTheSeasons, it has grown into a great community of creatives.
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To me November is a month that is all about comfort and cosiness as the cold truly takes hold of the city and I want to constantly live in layers of a wooly nature. It’s also the month where I really start to miss home, as for my birthday on the 18th, it is rare that I have family visiting because of the proximity of the holiday season, but that’s also what keeps my spirits up, the fact that I am going to see everyone for a week (or two if I’m lucky!) in a short month.
That is why in November I always notice little French rituals finding their way back into my life, like a really comforting breakfast of farm bread grilled in the oven, indulgent lashes of butter and bright homemade raspberry jam. A classic and nostalgic tradition that always warms me up from the inside on those cold winter days when I miss home.
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I hope that you’ve enjoyed today’s post and I really encourage you to take a peek at Caroline’s book, The Shopkeeper’s home. It’s a wonderful portrait of creativity in home and design and makes for a fantastic read. You will discover homewares stores, craft shops, lifestyle boutiques, cafes, a converted barn, a repurposed gas station… over thirty very stylish retail and home spaces to inspire you. There is something childlike and wonderful in being able to peek behind closed doors and that’s another reason I loved this book – so I really think that you will too!

Have you visited a shop or someone’s home recently and got really inspired? What does November mean to you? Am I the only one who missed home a little this month?

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Posh, Broke, & Bored
November 22, 2015

Oh, I've had my eye on that book! I'm planning to drop not-so-subtle hints all over my house (*cough Henry cough*) that I want it for Christmas.

Loving the blog redesign! x

Jasiminne: Posh, Broke, & Bored

November 23, 2015

I think you will love it Jasiminne, especially being a shopkeeper yourself and having an excellent eye for design ^^ Thank you for your kind words also! Just did this on Saturday from 8pm to 4.45am in the morning - worth it though - I think it's way more user-friendly x

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