Bedroom Ideas: Boho, Graphic, Scandi

Are you having a major case of “back to school” at the moment? Because I am.

Maybe it’s because we’ve just returned from Provence and can’t plan any other holiday before the end of Rob’s trial period (in six weeks!), or perhaps it’s because we went from glorious 35-degrees afternoons to well… much less, but on Sunday, while the rain was tapping steadily on my bedroom window, I looked up from my book to catch a reflection of myself in the mirror and I almost laughed: the bun, the woollen socks, the steaming cup of hazelnut coffee, and I thought “Is it Fall already?”

I think we’ve established this, but Autumn is my favourite season. The rain? Love it. Being all cosy at home and putting on a heavy scarf to go meet a friend for a hot chocolate in Covent Garden? I can hardly wait. Also I don’t think I ever bake in the summer, so I’m pretty much counting the days until I plunge my hands in the dough and slide that first tray of dark chocolate pecan cookies in the oven. I love that the delicious smell takes over the whole flat and that we hop up and down impatiently until they’re perfectly golden so we can dunk them into some fresh milk and stuff them in our mouths. I say “we”, but Rob would probably say I’m the only one who is eating cookies messily, like they’re going to disappear or something.

Another thing that excites me about the Fall is that, let’s face it, it’s much easier to be productive when it’s a little temperamental outside. There’s just less temptation. I think back to when I was a child and on those sweltering days I would be running havoc outdoors, jumping from the pool to the garden and back. But on rainy days? I would be writing, building complex house layouts for my sister’s playmobils (yes, apparently that’s a thing – I did it with crayons if you’re interested) and I just generally threw myself into new hobbies and projects.

Getting back this Sunday, I had a lot of stuff to catch up with, so I’m rather glad it was a full-on rainy day. My inbox after almost two weeks outside the country was a little frightening and I had blog posts to prepare, photography adventures to plan, plays and gigs to book, friends to invite over, and hum, I was interviewed on camera. Filmed, yes! At home, for a flat tour and to talk about the most beloved things I have collected over the years.

So, that was interesting. Intimidating but also quite fun. It made me realise it’s much harder than you think to be on camera: your thoughts are all jumbled up because you plan the next things you’re going to say while you’re speaking and that’s confusing. Plus, you become really really self-conscious: how am I looking, is my hair sitting properly, am I all slouched in my seat, am I smiling, is my accent too strong, is my outfit flattering, am I making any sense? You get the gist. I think I did okay and I can’t wait to see the edited version. I’ll share it with you of course and we can all make fun of me, maybe, if I’m super awkward. Hopefully not.

In preparation for the shoot, we did a big clean of the flat and shuffled some things around, as we tend to do every couple of months. Because I had strangers coming over, I guess I looked at our home with objective eyes and it made me realise all these things I haven’t sorted out yet. Like, we don’t have a nice laundry bin, or soft assorted towels. The lovely pendant light we got a month ago is still sitting in its box in the hallway because we forgot to buy the bulb for it. More importantly perhaps, I realised I don’t have a proper set-up for all this blogging malarkey.

As I’m writing these words for instance, I am half lying down on the couch (like a Roman lady at dinner?) and there are notebooks, my camera, business cards, catalogues and mock-ups fanned out all around me in little messy piles. I can’t believe it took me so long to realise it but with the hours I spend on this blog, I need a proper work station.

We have such wonderful light in the bedroom and I really think it’s good to keep things to different spaces too. Have you ever noticed how, when you hit a creative block in your work, or you’re simply bored, just getting up and going to sit somewhere else can really be helpful to restart your brain? Well I’ve decided I don’t want to get all my work done at the dining table or on the sofa anymore and so I am planning… a bedroom refresh!

Yes. I’m excited! I’m thinking I can get a nice rug, a desk or some kind of cool desk/cabinet, a few prints for the walls, perhaps do a DIY stand for my jewellery and also, I would really love an armchair. I measured it and it just about fits in without crowding the space so, I think it’s happening! Now, I realise this post has been super long, I think I had a lot to update you guys with since I didn’t post anything last week when we were in France – but hopefully you don’t mind. I’ve had a look around at (where else?) Habitat and I’ve found endless stylish options so as usual I would love to know what you think.

Here are the styles I think would look really nice in our bedroom, I made little collections by theme (Boho, Graphic, Scandinavian, and Colorblock)  – please help me choose?

Boho Bedroom Ideas

Habitat - Boho Bedroom Refresh

1 // Floor Cushion (£95)
2 // Porcelain Vase *Sold out
3 // Laundry Basket (£95)
4 // Storage Basket (£40)
5 // Ditsy Pillowcase (£7)
6 // Rattan Chair *Sold out
7 // Storage Jar (£10)
8 // Sideboard (£695)
8 // Wool Rug (£395)

Graphic Bedroom Ideas

Habitat - Graphic Bedroom Refresh

1 // Teal Armchair (£350)
2 // Copper Baskets (£45)
3 // Runner (£75)
4 // Porcelain Vase (£25)
5 // Coat Stand (£160)
6 // Graphic Print (£40)
7 // Ceiling Light (£18)
8 // Patterned Cushion (£12)
9 // Storage Trunk (£45)

Scandinavian Bedroom Ideas

Habitat - Scandi Bedroom Refresh

1 // Wilmot Armchair (£650)
2 // Wooden Lamp (£90)
3 // Ceramic Pot (£10)
4 // Pleated Throw (£45)
5 // Marne Grey Jug (£10)
6 //  Pillowcase (£10)
7 // Coat Stand (£150)
8 // Scented Candle (£10)
9 // Wooden Desk (£395)

Colorblock Bedroom Ideas

Habitat - Two-toned Bedroom Refresh

1 // Naoko Armchair (£550)
2 // Ceiling Light *Sold out
3 // Duvet Set (£12)
4 // Shelving Unit (£140)
5 // Ceramic Pear (£20)
6 // Meshed Metal Bin (£20)
7 // Wool Throw (£85)
8 // Filing Cabinet (£250)
9 // Cotton Rug (£65)

Now, tell me:

Are you feeling the “back to school” thing?Do you shuffle things around in your home? Which style above do you prefer? Any piece in particular that you think looks great?

↓ ↓ ↓ I would love to hear from you in the comments below ↓ ↓ ↓

Disclosure: This post is a collaboration between Habitat and Hecticophilia. If you’re interested in working with me, please head to my About page.


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July 29, 2015

I'm in love with those Scandinavian bedroom finds! Are we going to see this interview at some point? =)

Miss you!

Honey x The Girl Next Shore

July 29, 2015

I am too Honey, that Wilmot chair is really calling to me! You definitely are, it's in the editing room at the moment but I should get it late August / beginning of September so I'm really looking forward to see what it looks like and I'll be sharing it with you. Miss you too, we should do drinks! - Jesse x

Posh, Broke, & Bored
July 30, 2015

I'm ALWAYS having a back-to-school moment ie. the constant need to add more stationery to my ever growing collection of 'too pretty to use'!

I really like the teal armchair from the graphic look, the coat stand and candle from the Scandinavian look, and the shelving unit from Colourblock.

Can't wait to see how you update your bedroom! x

Jasiminne / Posh, Broke, & Bored - Luxury lifestyle blog

July 30, 2015

Thank you for commenting Jasiminne and I like your handpicked selection! That coat stand is really something isn't it? And who has enough stationery, I would like to know! I've really loved following your series on Helsinki by the way, it's made me want to visit so thank you for the recommendation. Good luck with finishing doing up the shop, are you on track for opening this Saturday? Jesse x

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