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Jesse Audubey - Blogger at Hecticophilia
Hi! This is Jesse.
Thank you for visiting Hecticophilia, I’m really glad you found this little space of mine.

On this Lifestyle blog I share what inspires me across Interiors, Style and Culture, and although this is a creative side-project, I dedicate a good number of hours weekly to penning my thoughts, capturing the perfect photograph, and crafting what I hope is an inspiring online destination for you. I really love to hear from readers so if there’s a post you particularly like, please take a minute to share your thoughts in a comment, or share it with friends who might enjoy it too. Let’s not be strangers, ok? I’m always happy to chat and you’re most welcome to get in touch.

If you’re the curious type and would like to learn a little bit more about me, you can take a peek at the blog’s FAQ page. Want to find out more about working together? Please head to the Work with Me section.

Now, what can you expect to find on this blog? I tend to publish new posts once or twice a week depending on how busy life gets, so if you’d like to make sure you never miss a new post, you can add me to an RSS reader like Bloglovin or Feedly, connect with me via social media (@JesseLili) or sign up to the blog’s newsletter via the box at the bottom of the page; I plan to send it once monthly this 2016.

In terms of blog categories, Interiors & Style feature what I am lusting after at the moment – I love stylish minimal pieces and graphic details, and hope to help you navigate the complex waters of wanting to collect beautiful things while keeping to a sensible budget. Diary features more personal posts and what I got up to recently. Suggestions for travel destinations and getaways can be found under Postcards. Looking for things to see and do in the capital, or where to eat? Check the London category. Finally, all things culture, blogging & DIY can be found under Creative. I hope you will enjoy reading!