Three Terrace & Garden Looks

Three Terrace Garden Looks Homebase

If you read the blog this April, you will know that I have been planning the makeover of our terrace these last few weeks. We are very lucky to have an outdoors space in London but it had unfortunately been a bit unloved since we moved in last year, as most of the budget went to furnishing and decorating our new home. Now, you might wonder how I’ve been doing since I wrote about the project?


First things first, I wanted to get rid of our flooring, some faded ribbed paving stones that were uncomfortable to walk or sit on and not very easy on the eye. As we are renting the flat there is a limit to the changes we can make of course, so I opted for click-in tiles in a light grey colour, which we installed over the weekend and believe me, it changes everything! It really brightened up the terrace and it’s smooth and pretty. I can’t wait to show you.


Then I went back and forth with what type of screening to pick to get a little more privacy. Although we have no vis-a-vis from houses directly around us, we are only as high as the third floor, so we’re visible from the street if someone looks up. I compared reed, bamboo, and willow screening, and even though it’s definitely an affordable option I wasn’t sure whether it would hold for more than a summer and reviews were a bit hit and miss.

I considered treillis and artificial or climbing plants but the bill added up quickly if I picked the ones that look the best so, after a little more research online and asking in stores, I decided to go for PVC screening which you can buy in rolls to your measurements and that is both very resistant to weather conditions and looks quite chic. It’s due to arrive this week, so fingers crossed it will look great and I’ll show you the results.

Outdoors Living

Now for the fun part, there is a well-stocked Homebase in Battersea quite close to the flat and so Rob and I popped by to check out the new Spring/Summer range to see what were our options when it comes to outdoor planters, decorative items, cushions, garden benches, bistro sets, lounge chairs and deck chairs. So many options! We were lucky because the store held a 20% off flash sale over the last few weekends (both online and in store) and so we were able to save a good deal on the pieces we loved, which is always welcome.

If you’re also looking to spruce up your outdoors space, I definitely recommend you think about Homebase, their product range and colour palette is great and there were so many pieces I liked. To make things a little easier for you, I rounded up some of my favourites below, around three city inspirations: a chic Scandinavian look (Malmo), a colourful Mediterranean look (Barcelona), and a classic rustic look (Provence):

Malmo Garden Inspiration Homebase

1 // Cushion (£2.93)
2 // Planter (£49.99)
3 // Jug (£12.99)
4// Bench (£64.99)
5 // Bistro Set (£69.99)
6 // Cushion (£9.99)
7 // Planter (£69.99)
8 // Rug (£104.99)

Barcelona Garden Inspiration Homebase.png

1 // Planter (£9.99)
2 // Fireplace (£49.99)
3 // Cushion (£9.99)
4// Bench (£99.99)
5 // Bistro Set (£69.99)
6 // Cushion (£9.99)
7 // Planter (£9.99)
8 // Cushion (£9.99)

Provence Garden Inspiration Homebase.png

1 // Planter (£39.99)
2 // Twine and Scissors (£9.99)
3 // Planter (£9.99)
4// Victorian Bench (£99.99)
5 // Deck Chair (£99.99)
6 // Planter (£19.99)
7 // Cushion (£5.93)
8 // Wine Crate Planter (£19.99)

Now, I would love to know:

Do you have an outdoors space, garden or terrace that you are working on at the moment or that would need a little bit of love? Which look or city atmosphere above are your most drawn to? Which one should I pick? I’d love to hear any questions, tips or recommendations you might have, so don’t hesitate to share in the comments below.

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May 27, 2015

Provence for grown up and classy, Barcelona for a bit more fun, Malmo for something in between and which could be more flexible.

On reflection, maybe Malmo.

May 27, 2015

Hi Lisa! Thank you for commenting and helping me choose. I quite like Malmo too, everyone on Twitter is telling me Barcelona, although to be fair they all look great! Best, Jesse.

Jess Dante
May 27, 2015

Barcelona all the way! :) Each bit of that set is lovely.

May 27, 2015

Thanks for commenting Jess! It is such a colourful set, isn't it? We have a nice brick wall as backdrop so it would compliment it nicely.

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